Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Use Your Gills"

I just had a dream of being far underwater, in a deep darkness, swimming upward, trying to reach the light, to reach the surface, to reach the air. Trying to reach the air, so I could breathe again, so I could survive. But it was too far away, I could not get to the surface in time. And as I realized that, I heard a voice, a strong voice, which came from all around me and from within me as well. It said only these three words: "USE YOUR GILLS".

A great time of change is upon us, a quantum leap in consciousness. Because we, and the world around us, are evolving, and expanding into new, higher vibrations. Things may begin to make less sense when looked at from the old logical, linear ways that we've been used to. There will be changes that may be unsettling to us, or even feel threatening. The old ways of interacting with our lives may no longer give us the results that they did before.

For those who are ill at ease with change, this may be an uncomfortable time. But like explorers going into new territory, we have to expect the unknown. We will need to make peace with not knowing, not understanding, not having all the answers... to sit with that and allow it to be OK. The more we are able to trust ourselves, trust the experiences we are creating, trust this process of change, the easier it will be for us. For no matter how it may appear, in truth we are SAFE- we always have been and we always will be.

We are now as I was in my dream... swimming upward, on the brink of learning a new way to be here as humans on planet Earth. Now, and in the near future, we'll begin opening up to many new potentials that are available to us, and reconnecting with aspects of ourselves that have been long forgotten, or pushed away and perceived as 'other'. Now we begin to recognize ourselves again as we drop the false masks. We are redefining our existence. We are redefining who we are, and how we are. Indeed it is time, as I was told in my dream, for each of us to begin to use our gills.

So if you wake up one day and look in the mirror, and see something strange looking back at you... Don't worry. Just give it a smile, and you'll see it will smile right back at you.

New potentials available to us, new answers to old questions, new versions of ourselves - all this is here for us, but is it really new? Or is it just a peeling away of the layers of ancient darkness and illusion, which kept us believing we were far less than we really are? Either way, welcome to the new YOU, and remember to use your gills.


myonlyphoto said...

Jaya very interesting read. I am not sure if I ever experienced anything related to swimming in my dream, only seeing water. I fear of swimming, may be in the past life I was a land animal or I drowned, lol. Beside joking, this is very insightful and creative post. Really enjoyed it reading. Anna :)