Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jaya Joins PayPerPost

Recently I signed up to be a member of PayPerPost, and they accepted my blog. This is very cool. For those of you not familiar with PayPerPost, let me explain. They offer a variety of subjects for bloggers to post about. Then the blogger chooses ones that interest them and writes about them on their blog. If they write good posts, following the guidelines set by PayPerPost, then they get PAID for them. PAID!! Yahoooo!

I first learned about PayPerPost by reading posts like this on other people's blogs, and I also saw it being talked about on some of the blogging discussion boards. So I checked it out, and saw it was a good thing! If you're a blogger, and you'd like to earn some money on your blog, you can sign up too.

What you are now reading is my very first post for PayPerPost. Yes, they're going to pay me to spread the word about PayPerPost, and let you know that I'm now a member. For this little post, PPP is going to pay me $20. Easy money! Getting paid for what I love doing! That's great. Thanks, Pay Per Post.

You see, even Shmitty and Punkin are impressed with the PayPerPost opportunity. Could it be because they know that the money I earn may be spent on catnip toys, or tasty cat food? Maybe so. And of course, there will be more money in the future, as there are already other opportunities waiting for me at PayPerPost. No doubt my cats have plans for how that future income will be spent... winter is approaching, it might be time for some new soft, fuzzy, warm cat beds.


myonlyphoto said...

Hi Jaya, congrats on acceptance. Then I will make sure that I come back to read your posts so you get your money, lol. Sound like good idea, I sign up for it once, but I am more under pressure writing for money, then for free, so I choose free. Well good luck, Anna :)

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I sincerely hope your PayPerPost running very well~!!!
And great tasty cat food is on it way~!

CapricornWoman said...

I've always said I'd never blog for money as it would make me feel pressured to post about things I may not want to post about and to post no matter what's going on in my life - but you make it sound so easy!! Hmmmmmm...ingsg

Windyridge said...

Great first time post, very clever and congrats on getting into PPP.

Jaya said...

Thanks for the comments and well wishes, everyone! One thing I really like about PayPerPost is that it's totally up to me how often I take advantage of their offers. I will only be writing PayPerPost posts when there is something that genuinely interests me to post about among their available offers. There's NO pressure at all to write more posts for them than I'm comfortable having here on my blog, nor to write about any subjects I don't choose to write about.

Now I'm just waiting for them to approve this first post of mine. I'll add an 'UPDATE' to the post to announce when that occurs.

Jaya said...

What a lovely
thing that is...

My post was approved by
PayPerPost on 10/23, 20
days after being posted on
my blog. And after they
check it a second time,
one month after posting
(on Nov. 3rd), I should
then get paid, via PayPal.
Cool Beans! Thanks, PPP!