Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Guest Greta

Meet Greta, a beautiful and charming cat
who stayed with me last week:


Daisy said...

Hi Greta! ::waves paw:: You are pretty. I like your black and white markings.

awannabe said...

I like the punkin colored eyes :-)

Unknown said...

If not for the brownish/gold eyes I would say you kidnapped my former cat Clive. He looks EXACTLY like that with green eyes.

My kid is allergic to cats so he lives with my husband's cousin now and I only see him occasionally. His cousin assured me, however, that she will hyphenate his last name, in remembrance of me.

myonlyphoto said...

Something about cameras taking pictures of cats and making their eyes yellow and blue. I have photo of the cat, and they eyes on the photo are yellow and blue also, but not in reality. But then our eyes tend to be read when our pictures are taken, lol. May be species related, lol. These are very nice head shots of Greta, enjoyed it. Anna :)