Monday, October 1, 2007

New Mexico Walk...

I drove up into the Sangre de Cristo
(Blood of Christ) Mountains yesterday.

I stopped, and walked into the woods
on the path above. I came across the
ruins of an old foundation, below...

This mini cave had formed among the
foundation rocks.
Perhaps it was home
to the little ground squirrel I saw earlier?

Then I emerged from the woods,
out into the large sloping field, and
found this flat rock to sit upon.

I sat, I breathed, I gazed upon the land.

There were few summer flowers left,
but I did find this brave yellow blossom.

And I found this old thistle still standing tall.

And the sun was shining bright above me...

...shining bright, and powerful.

This image peeked out from an aspen tree.
(Perhaps I could sell it on E-Bay as a sacred icon?)

I paused to look up,
before I left the forest.

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Windyridge said...

Great photos, I am going to bookmark your site as part of my regular blog fare.

CapricornWoman said...

Looks like you had a lovely day :)

Anonymous said...

I find I'm confused about blogging altogether today for some reason. Perhaps you could define it?

Looking at the pictures made me really happy and now I understand why you said to me once, "You live in a CITY?"

Jaya said...

Thanks, WindyRidge! I like your blog s as well.

Yes, it was a nice break for me, Lady Banana... I hadn't gotten out into the woods in a while.

MaLu... You want me to define blogging? Well, blogging = creating & maintaining a blog. See my blog? As I put it all together, and researched different aspects of it, and added content, I was BLOGGING. I blog, therefor I AM. In fact, writing this response to your comment on my blog right now is also blogging. In a sense, even going for a walk in the woods was part of blogging, because I knew I would be posting the photos I took during that walk to my blog.

I just turned and looked at my dog, Lucy. Normally that would not be blogging, because I wouldn't write about it on my blog. However, since I am writing about it here in this response to your comment on my blog, looking at Lucy just now has, in fact, become a blogging event. But, if you were to look at Lucy it would not be a blogging event, because you don't have a blog to blog about it on. But if you looked at Lucy and I wrote about you looking at Lucy on my blog, or posted a photo of you looking at Lucy on my blog, that would be blogging... but that would be ME blogging, not you. Unless YOU had a blog, which you don't, and you shared your experience of looking at Lucy in your blog. Hopefully now, this whole blogging thing is clear as mud to you now.

myonlyphoto said...

Jaya, wow what a collection of photos. Seems like a very nice place to be. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, actually, clarity comes in many ways...

I think that I shall never see,
A dog a pretty as Lucy,
A dog whose owner me has blogged,
So MaLu's brain is now unclogged!

Anonymous said...

Jaya, that last aspen shot is blowing my mind. It's stunning!

Jaya said...

Glad you like it, Bobbie!