Saturday, October 6, 2007

Poem of Dreams

Dreamed of anger,

raging hot,
and the shame
that it brought forth...

Dreamed of flowers,
pure and white,
of lying among them,

Dreamed of a golden shoe,
that fell from a delicate foot,
and aroused the blush of desire...

Dreamed of you,
dreamed of you,
dreamed of you.


myonlyphoto said...

Wow, did you write this poem, cool. I really like the picture, so mystic. Anna :)

Jaya said...

Hi Anna, yes, both the poem and picture are mine. They're actually from back in 2002, but I just happened upon them again in an old sketch book today and thought I'd put them here on the blog. I'm glad you like them.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the artwork on your blog but this picture is my favorite one of yours although I can't pinpoint why.

Jaya said...

Thanks for your comment, and for visiting, AntiBarbie!