Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Honey Loquat... YUM

I've been enjoying honey loquat syrup ever since I discovered it several years ago. It's wonderful for soothing the throat. And now I found these honey loquat candies which I also enjoy. YUM.

Loquat is the yellow, pear-shaped edible fruit of a tree, Eriobotrya Japonica, native to Asia, now also commonly grown in California.

Loquat fruit photo above taken from
where you can order loquat fruit
and have it shipped right to you.
I think I'll get some next spring!


jesie said...

Thanks for your visit and let me know how you peel a banana.

I thought I learned from my parents to peel it the way I did.

Jaya said...

Hi Jesie... Yes, I never knew
anyone peeled bananas the way
you do, until I saw your post
about it! I've always done it
the other way around, pulling
the peel down from the end the
stem is attached to.

Anonymous said...

These honey loquat candies saved my vacation. There I was on beautiful Kauai when I woke up in the night with the beginning of a sore throat. NOOO! Luckily, I dug in my purse and found one of the candies left from the stash my Chinese doc gave me. Mmmmm....goodbye sore throat, too.

I highly recommend virgin tasters of honey loquat candies do their first tasting on Kauai.

Windyridge said...

I'd like to try this.