Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Night Cat Pile!

Here's the scene a foot or so from my computer- there are usually one or two cats there, but tonight it got a bit more crowded. Gracie is also up there, to the left, but she didn't fit into the photo.

And then, just a few minutes later, Gamma and Rexie jumped down, so Fieldsie and Boo had more room to stretch out.


Gretchen said...

What a group. They're adorable.

Jaya said...

Yes, they are... guess that's why I adore them so!! (Well that and the fact that they are controlling my thoughts and emotions with secret feline mind control frequencies, and they COMMAND me to adore them!)

clockworkpink2 said...

Looks like you've got your hands full! Very cute cats!

myonlyphoto said...

Love your cats - this is such a nice photo of them. I am not cat person myself, but sometimes I get close to them and touch them etc....thanks for visiting my blog, yourself you have nice blog here, very interesting to read.
I will be back....Anna :)

PS thanks for making me laugh

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that I finally figured out how to post a comment, I'm afire with them.

I awaken every morning in a cat pile + one dog who thinks she's a cat. The other day I woke up and was immediately slammed back down as the voice in my head said, "Go back to sleep, there's more". Oooohkay... so I did and had the most amazing adventure, not like a dream...anyway when I awoke I had Tanis on my chest facing my chin, and the brothers, Orlando on my left leg with his head over my ankle and Tybalt facing the other direction on the other leg with his arm over my leg. Neko was up in a corner because she doesn't like other cats.

You have said your cats command you to adore them. Jaya, She Who Wears Cats on Head, do you think they commanded my dream/adventure? I do.

Jaya said...

Anna- thanks for visiting Cat On My Head! Very brave of you, as you're not a 'cat person'. I will tell my cats to pretend to be dogs when you come visiting, OK?

Jaya said...

Oh MaLu, I am so PROUD of you for mastering the skill of leaving comments!! You rock!

I'm not sure if your cats COMMANDED your dream/adventure, but they clearly were surrounding you as anchors, to make sure you didn't get lost, or damaged in any way while you were away from your body. It is a great service they perform, and it allows you to travel with greater peace of mind, discovering new frontiers, and boldly going where no MaLu has gone before!