Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Atlantis, As We Fell

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Above is a drawing about the end days of Atlantis, and below is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago, about an especially disturbing past life memory from that time period.

Wound of Isis Burning

Currents of life swirl by me
as I watch, with eyes closed,
trying not to see...

Trying not to see those
comrades from the past,
sent to death by you...

"Cut hard, and cut true",
you called to the executioner-
a swift, merciful death.
For that I was grateful.

But I did not see them die.
I did not honor their deaths,
because I was kneeling before you
as their blood was spilled out.
And I became yours for that life.

First, I would have killed you,
then I knelt before you, captive.
Then I watched you, grew to love you.

You desired eternal submission.
I refused, saying 'NO, this life only.'
'ALL time', you said-
'NO. This life only.'

We were to have killed you,
but it was you, who killed us,
each of us but me.

They were my brothers all,
and we were one,
united in purpose,
united against you.

Should I have died too?
Was I wrong to live,
wrong to love?

Ten thousand years have passed,
and still the answers elude me.
Still the shame burns in me.
Still your flame draws me near.

'ALL time', you said-
'NO. This life only.'


Translator said...

Wow - fascinating! Can you tell me a little more about your memory? I've always had an interest in Atlantis, and I've done some research here and there.

I'd love to hear about what you know!

Very interesting stuff!

Jaya said...

Well, yes, I can translate this a bit more for you, Translator.

Atlantis was a civilization where SO much was right, and then SO much went wrong...

Before the fall of Atlantis, also known as Tien, there were many abuses of power, and imbalances of power.

One area that this showed up in was between males and females. Females had gained more power, and there was great resentment among some men. This eventually resulted in massive backlashes against females that were excessively brutal and left a psychic scar upon the human race that is still being healed.

In a past life I was involved in one minor incident that resulted from this imbalance of power and the resentment caused by it.

I was among a group of men who decided to assassinate a certain female priestess who had gained great power in the region. We launched our attack, but she was well protected and we were captured. We were made to kneel as the priestess came before us. She exuded power and control. She ordered all of us to be executed, beheaded by sword. Then she paused, and added "Except THAT one", and pointed to me.

I lived out my life as a prisoner in her household. I was shamed by my relief over not being killed with the others, and judged myself as a coward for not rebelling more against my circumstances. Over time I grew, against my will, to respect and deeply love the priestess. But I felt greatly conflicted over my feelings for her, as she had caused the death of my comrades, and it seemed a betrayal of them to love her.

In THIS life, a few years ago, I came to know again the one who had been that priestess. That is what stirred up the memory of this particular past life. Many of the same emotional elements were playing out between us in this life, and remembering this ancient history between us helped me to understand it all. And to take back the control she still had over me.

Translator said...

WOW! Amazing bit of history! I wonder, though, how did you come across such detail? Did you undergo past-life regression through hypnosis, did it come to you in a dream? I'm very curious - very interesting stuff!

Jaya said...

Hi Translator, and thanks for your questions.

The information I have about the overall dynamics of what was occuring in the end days of Atlantis have come to me from spiritual teachings I've studied, most particularly from the Crimson Circle. There are some recordings of this channeled info available for purchase if you are interested:

The specific details I gave in this post, about my own experience, is from a past life memory that just came to me. That happens sometimes. Usually the lives that I remember bits of are relevant in some way to what I'm experiencing in this current life. Often it is because I'm interacting with the same beings in both lives, and our interactions from another life help to explain the (sometimes confusing) connection we have to each other in this life.

Much is coming up in this life for final release... the tidying up of loose ends, or the canceling out of karmic obligations if you prefer that terminology. Several of the 'past' life memories that have popped into my awareness enabled me to rapidly sever psychic connections I had with people in this life, once I had the understanding that it wasn't even about who we are now, but it was all left over residue from those other lives we shared.

As for your question about any 'technique' used to tap into these memories... I think I did try a past life regression tape once or twice about 20 years ago. But most of the dozen or so recalls I've had have just come on their own, generally when I was in a very relaxed, meditative state. A couple of times there have been physical, or visual, cues that have triggered recall.

If there is information that I need to know, I trust it will come to me. I'm not all that curious about other lives, as I'm focused on THIS life. Putting a lot of effort into wondering about 'past' lives seems to me to be like watching a TV show on one channel while your thoughts are occupied with wondering what's playing on the OTHER channels. I know there are other aspects of my Greater Self focused on those other shows (lives).

Anonymous said...

Well its a nice topic and helpful in my studies. I liked the blog ... keep it up buddy.

Anonymous said...

Shucks, you just sounded like Aristotle in the poem for a moment there.

Please tell me that you bought that picture from a 3 year old kid?

Otherwise, it could also be conceived as a modern art representation of Atlantis.