Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh Baby... (first footprint)

Having fairly well developed intuition as I do, I'm aware that visitors to this blog have been hoping that I would some day post the footprint that was made from my wee foot on the day I was born. And, good news, your wish is my command, at least in this instance. Here it is:

So... my foot has gotten quite a bit larger since then, and I've also left that original weight of 7 pounds far, far, FAR behind me. (Pass the Twinkies, please.) Note that the top of the sheet says footprints, plural, as in more than one. But, alas, I was apparently born with only one foot, as shown above. You'll no doubt be relieved to learn that I did grow a second foot at some later point. In fact, from my earliest memories, I had two complete feet, and happily so.

And now I sense you are wondering: Well, what did she look like a few years later? Here's your answer:


CapricornWoman said...

Aww it's really nice you still have the footprint. I don't have that but I do have a few early photos which I must get round to scanning!

Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY where I was when you were born. I was asleep at Ortley Beach, N.J. at my grandparents' cottage. In the morning I got up and swam with the mallards. I drank Cool Aid and rowed with my brother to the store at the end of the salt-water lagoon and bought candy and comic books.

I just didn't get until now that it was in celebration of your birth, Jaya. Glad you came along, feet and all.

Jaya said...

MaLu... we were both in New Jersey in July of 1955? Cool. Thank you for celebrating my birth with candy and comic books. Those were two of MY favorite childhood things as well. I've always wondered what happened to the large comic book collection I had as a kid. It must have been thrown out. Too bad, I could probably sell 'em for a bundle today!

Jaya said...

Yes, LadyBanana, DO scan in those childhood photos. I am enjoying mine a lot... somehow I see them in a whole new light by posting them here on my blog.