Friday, August 10, 2007

Grandma Julia in 1915

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Above is the photo of my grandmother Julia, taken in 1915, which hangs on the wall above my computer. The book she is reading is 'A Woman's Hardy Garden', first published in 1903 and last reprinted in 1999.

I never met her, just as I never met her husband, my grandfather, Herman Aaron. Her son, my father, was 4 years old when that photographic portrait of his mother was made. I was born 40 years later. My father is shown below, as a young man, in a World War II era photo.

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The generations roll on, we come and we go, leaving behind dust that smells of time long gone, like the dust that floated out to tickle my nose when I removed my grandmother's photograph from its frame. I honor my ancestors as best I can, by placing their images here.

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stormin said...

whenever i see photos like these i always wonder what life must have been like back then. i never knew my grandfather on my fathers side. thanks for sharing.

Jaya said...

Yes, Stormin, I have that same reaction to old photos like these...

And then, when it is an actual ancestor of mine, it's as if a part of the life seen in those photos is encoded in my own being, even if it was a life that was totally unknown to me at a conscious level.

B. N. Sullivan said...

You are lucky to have these photos.

I think you look a bit like your grandmother -- esp. around the mouth. Do you see a resemblance? Just curious.


Peg said...

I see a resemblence too. And she was gorgeous, btw.

The pic of your father reminds me of stories that my grandfather told me about his motorcycle. It was an Indian and he said it had a stick shift. Isn't that a stick shift on your father's?

Thanks for sharing.


Jaya said...

Well yes, Bobbie and Peg - I'd like to think I DO see a resemblance, because I love her looks! I'm at least 10 years older now than she was when that photo was taken of her. This is the only photo of her that I've ever seen, so I don't know what she looked like when she was younger or older...

And about that motorcycle my Dad is on... no idea if there's a shick shift on it. Though I do see something that looks like that is what it might be. Any motorcycle experts out there that can say for sure?