Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Artus Gets A Monkey Magnet!

Artus was SO sad when he did not win the wooden monkeys prize in the great contest Jeter Harris & his squillion, Laffin an Laffin, put on last month. Only ONE lucky cat could win the wooden monkeys, and that cat was the ultra cool Skeezix. Artus was mopin' an mopin'... he didn't even want to play in his favorite toy, the tunnel. He just sat beside it, looking forlorn. I felt bad for him, but I didn't know how to cheer him up.

BUT THEN, I got an e-mail from Karl, one of the cats over at The Cat Realm. He said he was going to send out a monkey magnet to all the cats who didn't win the wooden monkeys in the contest!! How thoughtful and generous that Karl is!

When I told Artus, he seemed pleased, but I'm not sure he really believed it. He'd never gotten mail from Karl, or any other cat, before. He didn't want to get his heart set on the monkey magnet, like he did on those wooden monkeys, and get all dissapointed again. So, he sat down by the window and waited for the mailhuman to bring him his monkey magnet from Karl. He stayed right by that window, day after day, waiting and watching.

To be continued...

(several days pass, while I'm busy elsewhere)

... and now,

the rest of the story:

So Artus waited by the window, day after day. It seemed to him as if he was waiting forever. but it wasn't really all that long before the day came. Artus watched as the mail human brought a bigger than normal envelope, and it had HIS name written on it!!

Yep, sure enough, it was from Karl. I opened it up for Artus, and out came a WONDERFUL magnet with a wise and fashionable looking monkey on it, and these memorable words: "Owning a wooden monkey does not make you a better cat!" Hearing that made Artus feel SO much better. He knew he didn't have to be sad anymore. He began playing in his tunnel toy again.

And I put the monkey magnet up on the refrigerator, where all the cats can see it from the cat feeding station. And that's the happy ending to this story, with special BIG THANKS to Karl, from me and from Artus!


Daisy said...

Oh Artus, you look so cute looking out the window waiting for your special magnet. And I'll bet I know how the story ends! Because Karl and Anastasia are great cats.

Jaya said...

YOU are a very clever kitty, Daisy... I'm guessing that you're guessing right about how this all turns out!

The Cat Realm said...

Artus, my friend, I am so happy that you like the monkey magnet. What a great story teller you are, Jaya, this was wonderfully told!
I am glad I KNEW how the story would end - otherwise it would have made me real sad, in between!
Have fun, Artus, playing in your tunnel, maybe I teleport over one day and join you!
Your friend Karl