Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mom & Her Siblings, 1923 and 1942

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The Emmet children in 1923-
with her brother and three sisters.

And the family again in 1942,
at Mom & Dad's wedding.

My mother, the bride, 1942


Anonymous said...

You look like your mom Jaya!

Anonymous said...

OH, you do!

I love how your mom has her hand firmly on your dad's thigh in the group photo. And the coloring of her solo picture is gorgeous.

You family looks deluxe, Jaya. Like any minute Rosalind Russell or Robert Montgomery will stroll into the scene.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerri,

I agree. Striking similarity! :)


awannabe said...

Nice family pics. I love old pics, to see the style of clothing.
Awesome header pic you got too... smarty pants.

Jaya said...

Thanks for the comments, Gerri, MaLu, James, and Awannabe... you've all got me smiling. I love these old photos too.