Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Won Rising Blogger's 'Post of the Day'

I am pleased as punch to announce that my post from the other day about my Grandma Julia has been awarded the 'Post of the Day' by Judd Corizan over at The Rising Blogger, as seen HERE. Thanks, Judd! Each day Rising Blogger features one post to have the honor of that day's spotlight. It's a great idea, and it's worth visiting Rising Blogger to see what Judd has chosen each day.

Judd asks winners of the Post of the Day award to nominate a favorite post by another blogger. I thought long and hard, and I have made my nomination. "Which post? Which post?" I hear you wondering. Well, I'm not saying! Hah! All I will say is that I talked it over with 8 out of 9 of my cats, over tuna & cream, and we came to a unanimous decision. Judd, over at Rising Blogger, has been notified of our most excellent choice. Why did only 8 of the 9 cats participate in the decision? Well, because Boo was outside hunting bats, and could not be lured in for our important blog post nomination meeting. Any other questions?


stormin said...

thats great! congratulations! as for boo, does he actually catch any bats? i am fascinated by bats. i see them at night at my girlfriends house in thailand. p.s. i like that background music.

Peter Haslam said...

well deserved congrats

Jaya said...

THANKS Peter & Stormin!!

Yes, Stormin, the cats DO on rare occaisions bring in bats, though I'm not sure if Boo is the cat who does it or not... Only one bat has shown up in my bathroom so far this summer. The bathroom is where the cats like to bring their catches for some reason. The birds are doing much better this year. Hardly any bird feathers in the bathroom this summer. No snakes yet this year either, thank goodness. The snakes are usually still alive when they bring 'em in, so I have to catch them and relocate them down the road where they will be safer from my cats.

Glad you enjoy the music I added to the blog, Stormin!

Brian H. Gill said...


darlene said...

congrats, wtg girl!!