Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Goosey's New Glasses

My dog Lucy, also known as Goosey, or Lucy-Fur, was sent a new pair of glasses in the mail. A kind gift from my friend MaLu. But now Lucy refuses to take them off, even wearing them when she lies down to sleep, as seen below. The cats think it's because she is trying to be cool, like Karl & Anastasia over at
The Cat Realm, because they are always wearing glasses. Lucy tried explaining to them that it's nothing like that, because Karl & Anastasia wear FASHION glasses, while her new glasses are SERIOUS glasses. The cats were not impressed with this argument. Lucy thi
nks her new glasses make her look more intelligent. What do you think?

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Daisy said...

Those are very fabulous glasses! I think Lucy looks very very smart in those specs. It's no wonder she never wants to take them off.

Jaya said...

Daisy, thank you! Lucy was SO pleased when I read your comments to her. It was especially meaningful since you yourself have such a keen sense of fashion. If YOU say she looks smart in her new specs then it MUST BE TRUE.

(Now she'll never take those glasses off!)

Anonymous said...

i found this post on another site www.prettypawsstylin.com. it seems this guy just rips off other people's stuff. three of my posts were on his site so I'm contacting some of the other people he seemingly has ripped off. i am sending in a complaint to wordpress to have my info removed from his site and if your is there without consent i urge you to do the same.

Jaya said...

WHOA! Thanks for the heads up on the content theft, Jason! I just went over and found that site has copied tons of my stuff. Grrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! But will they hurt her eyesight? My sister is always ranting and raving any time Walter (a human child) tries on anyone's glasses... she says it will ruin his eyes.

Sorry someone is ripping off your content. Your writing is so good I can see why they'd want it but stealing is WRONG.

I'm still voting for you every chance I get in the Blog For A Year contest. Do you think they will ever raise enough money though? I've almost quit the contest, after being accused of cheating on the "official" blog, not by the people running the contest, but by commenters there.

On another note about glasses... how expensive is it to fix a pair when I child breaks them into 3 pieces? Walter destroyed Wendy's glasses while I was sleeping yesterday :(

Jaya said...

Hi Gerri-

I don't know if Blog For A Year will
raise much more... it is such a cool
idea, I'm kind of surprised it hasn't
gotten more participation than it
has. I know I've enjoyed being a
part of it, and gotten some traffic
from it. I've also discovered
several other blogs which I like a
lot, so... all in all it's been a very
positive thing for me.

Glasses? Heck, I guess it depends
how they are broken... some things
are repairable and some are not.
I just got mine fixed and it cost about
$16 for a new nose rest, new arm, and
some adjusting. It sounds like Walter
was venting his frustration over his
mother not allowing him to try on glasses...?

Anonymous said...


I love your look and you and now you have some DNA from the bridge of my nose on you!


Auntie MaLu

Jaya said...

Well, that explains why Lucy didn't want her nose washed when I gave her a bath the other day!