Thursday, August 23, 2007

In The Cage

In an earlier post, I included an old letter my little sister Temple wrote to me. In one section she spoke about what she'd been told of our early childhood, before our parents died and we were sent away to different places. She said: "it sounded like we were real animals". Well, maybe our parents thought so too, as they put us outside in a sort of a cage. You can see us in it below.

I'm guessing the cage, or pen, was around 8 feet square. I only have vague memories of being put in there, but there is this photo for evidence. Perhaps one of my older siblings will clear this matter up for me. I don't know if they were put in there as young children too. Temple and I were probably put in there to keep us from wandering off. It was probably well intentioned. Still, I haven't talked to anyone else who was put outside in a cage as a child. Were YOU?

Holding my sister Temple, in our outside cage, 1960

(wire mesh side of cage visible behind me if you look closely)


Anonymous said...

Not literally caged, I. I was too scared to misbehave.

I think the intention was that you and Temple would enjoy hai lai (sp?) or some sort of batting practice. Or maybe it was going to be filled with finches and you guys were the test dummies. So to speak.

Why are you wearing my dress???

Jaya said...

No, no, no. My dress. Mine. All mine.