Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Twitter Tweets From My Life

Just in case you are not on Twitter, I thought I'd share some of the moments and random thoughts from my life, over the past few months, that you have missed. The comments go from the most recent ones down to the oldest. Twitter 'tweets' can only by 140 characters long. The longer ones below are 2 'tweets' combined.

Rushing off to Santa Fe, 1.5 hours away, to take photos for a future blog post I'm researching. Zoooom, a blogger's work is never done!
Psyching myself up for early AM trip to dentist... forking out big bucks to replace cracked tooth with new crown. Will soon be smiling more.
Eeeeeek! Rexie brought a bat into the bathroom. Thanks a lot, Rexie!!
Dead guy Kuthumi, the wise and creative Cosmic Comedian, is telling us that the world (and we along with it) has become quite 'wobbly'... And wobbliest of all are our minds! The mind was supreme, but now it is wobbling, changing... no worries, let it happen, open into the new.
Survived another staff meeting. Removed stuck turds from long haired cat's butt. A good day's work is done. Time for bed.
At work. OK... the morning is shaping up... after being at work for 4 hours, I finally noticed I'd put my shirt on inside out!
Ahhhh... twelve hours of sleep, 9 cats, tea, and pickles... life is good, very good, and I am smiling.
At work: Argggg... 3 different teenagers blasting music I don't like. Where's that school bus???? Later: One teenager taken off to work... sadly, it was the quiet one... the screaming loud angry one is still here until the school bus comes
(Yawwwwwn) Waking up again. Dreamed I was making codes that would protect me from getting sucked up by aliens...
Fixed vacuum. Feel like genius. Vacuumed up 4 inches of cat fur off floors. (Pretty sure it was JUST fur, and no whole cats I sucked up.)
Sad... my friend Rich is moving to Chicago and will be eaten by Zombies... ah well, that's the way it goes sometimes.
Silence in my mind. Echoes, echoes , echoes... Peaceful emptiness. LaLa (cat) settling down to nap on the printer's tray.
Oh Damn, Damn, Damn ==>One of the cats has discovered the joy of unrolling the toilet paper toll ==>toilet paper all over the bathroom
When the sun rises, I shall venture forth to buy lottery tickets. If I win the jackpot, I'll buy this home -->
Eating cookies --> Glad I'm already fat, so I don't have to worry about getting fat. --> Yep, always looking at the bright side, that's me!
Arrrrrrrggggggggggg... software is misbehaving. It must be the software, right? It could NOT be operator malfunction... no, no, not that.
My sister Wylie, who is a nun, told me, when we were children, that she could FLY, that she flew around in her bedroom. I wonder if it was true?
Interesting how nowadays online people have to clarify if they are bots or 'real' people. Think you're one of the 'real' ones? What PROOF have you?
Zipped out to supermarket for half & half. 11 PM. Town is dead. Only saw 11 other cars on the road and 3 of those were cops.
It rained here Sunday. What's that mean? Little spring flowers? NO, no. It means 40 filthy paws tracking mud over EVERYTHING (including me). Off to bed again. I must wipe away some of the mud the cats have tracked all over the sheets first, and get to sleep before they bring more.
Relieved to hear that new German 'robotoilet' can only be entered by paying customers. Less chance of children & cats accidentally being 'auto sanitized'...
stared at my fingers for only 23 seconds before they got nervous and began to type these words. hah. fingers are easy to manipulate.
Recently up from sleep. My head feels peculiar. I will soon follow up on this by going to mirror to see if it also LOOKS peculiar.
The new energy = no compromise, said the dead guy, and then my computer crashed... hmmmm...When the computer crashed, I got the dreaded blue screen, which told me I had a 'BAD POOL CLEANER'. This is odd, as I don't even have a pool.
Oh wake, Beloved! Come into the trees, look up to the sky, lie down on the earth. Feel the wind move your bones. Rejoice!
Head slowly spinning in circles. Thoughts moving in circular patterns. Cats curled into furry circles. There's a message here somewhere....
Appalled that my co-workers do not know what TRIBBLES are. (think Star Trek) What is the world coming to???
Under a purring pile of cats, Jaya sleeps, dreaming of blue dragons, as she slowly drools upon her pillow. Outside, the world moves on...
Coyotes howling and yip-yip-yipping outside, under a fat New Mexican moon... I seem to have used up another 2.5 hours of my life. I could be bitter, but I'm not. I'm feeling good in this moment... how about YOU??
The Boarding Cat has been dropped off. My cat Henry was VERY upset to see another human! Guess he's gotten used to living with a hermit.
Discord among the cats: Rexie & Gamma attacked Henry, and LaLa is hiding under a table, growling. I think they're upset by Boarding Cat. I reasure them that Boarding Cat will only be here for 9 days.
Boarding Cat just bit my arm. She's upset by smells of my cats. Ouch. I bleed. I put hydrogen peroxide and teatree oil on the wound.
Odd- seems the cats were checking the RSS feed while I slept. They were reading up on birthing choices, dairy farmers, and cocaine barons.
My friend Jana is explaining to me that she has a loaded BB gun, and is ready to shoot invaders, whether from this dimension or another one! She is also thinking about shooting men from the town who are coming to expand the road. She's a bit worked up, feeling her inner warrior...
Went outside and threw the dog's fluffy pink ball, for her to chase. She rejoiced. Simple pleasures
Smelling mind viruses in the air... wet wood with a dash of cinnamon.. and a very subtle undertone of rotting fish.
Passed into a Gravity Light zone. Now clinging to roof, hoping not to get sucked off the planet and out into space. Rexie-Puss sneezes.
Arrrrrrrrg. Up again. Had a nightmare about work. Damn. Now have headache. Time for a relaxing bubble bath, I think. Maybe I had the nightmare because I wore socks to bed. That gave me subconscious feelings of constriction and impending doom.
Yikes... I just got accused of sounding like someone's mother, and ordered not to do it again!!! Sounds like 'someone' has some Mama issues!
At work: The outgoing staff member gave me long detailed description of her earlier bout of severe Diarrhea and Vomiting. Lovely- Thanks for sharing. Eight hours later: This place is crawling with humans now. I must make my escape SOON.
Off to work, if I can make my way through the cats and out the front door. Oh wait. Damn. I should get dressed first!
I've been wandering loose and unsupervised in the astral realms... coming soon to a delusion near YOU. If pigs have wings, and the dust bunny behind the couch is growling at me, does this mean I can have some more coffee ice cream??


badthing1 said...

Hi Jaya :)

I just discovered Twitter and I think I'm absolutely loving it. Where are YOU there?

Jaya said...

Hi there! I was nuts for Twitter too, when I first found it. Now, though, since I've been blogging, I find I forget to go over to Twitter. Although, when I DO get over there, I enjoy catching up on the tweets from some of the folks I'm 'following'.

My Twitter user name is: Jaya_Puss