Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tobias DreamTree Panther


Nessa said...

Tobias is one handsome cat! I'd fall for him if I was a she-cat... hehehe

Jaya said...

Yes, Tobias IS a very handsome fellow. And he has a rather gruff, macho character too. He does like to sleep at the foot of my bed with me, though. And he learned from Rexie to jump up when I'm making tea or coffee to get a little half & half cream treat.

He's been with me almost 5 years now. He began hanging around at the place I work, as a half grown stray kitty. He was begging for food and attention. They don't allow cats into that place, but I was going outside to hug him, and one of the kids was sneaking him food. She named him 'Salami', since he enjoyed the salami she fed him!! (I'm sure he's glad that name didn't stick!)

Then he started climbing up onto the windows, and just HANGING onto the screens, meowing loudly at us, DEMANDING to be let inside. He won me over. And while he still couldn't come inside there, I did take him home with me and give him a permanent home. (And a new name.)

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer tobias,
i wanna thank u fer enterin mi squillion contest. yer entree wuz grate an lottsa judjez agreed! thank u fer helpin to make dis a fun week!