Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Riding the BloggerWave Wave

Have you heard of Bloggerwave yet? I've just joined, and this is my first post for them. If BloggerWave likes this post (and what's not to like?), they will pay $10 into my PayPal account. Easy money! Maybe you'd like to check out Bloggerwave for yourself? They are looking for more bloggers NOW. Here's a partial screen shot of what I was seeing when I accepted this assignment:

This seems like a simple way for even beginning bloggers (like me) to earn some money. I'll give an update to let you know if they find this post an acceptable submission. Meanwhile, the cats are calculating just how many cans of catfood I can buy with the $10 payment. I wonder how much I could get if I go to the shelter and adopt another kitty and name it 'BW' for BloggerWave, and then feature it here on the blog? Hmmmm... stay tuned!


Jaya said...

Update, early morning June 21st:

I just checked and found that this post HAS BEEN APPROVED by the powers that be over at BloggerWave. So I've earned $10 for it. I look forward to seeing what other subjects they offer to pay me to write about in the future!

B. N. Sullivan said...

Congratulations on being paid to blog.

And by the way, we all know that a can of cat food is indeed a legal unit of exchange in certain circles.


Jaya said...

Thanks, bn...

And my cats are all
nodding their heads
at the truth of your
last statement!