Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ouch! My Neck Is Out Of Wack!!

A few weeks ago an area in between my shoulder blades started hurting. It's never gone away, but it was more of a dull ache than a screaming pain, so I wasn't much concerned about it... But then, a few days ago, my neck got strange. I was just lying in bed, after having woken up, and all of a sudden I felt a weird sensation in my neck and then it became painful. When I moved it, I could feel a clicking, as if some of my neck parts were knocking up against each other. And now, for the past day and a half or so I've had an obnoxious headache. I'm NOT a happy camper.

So, what do you think, Dear Readers:

Should I go see a chiropractor,
and get it put right again?
Or should try waiting it out,
and see if it resolves on its own?


Anonymous said...

I think you should see the chiropractor! That way if they need to they can take some x-rays and check out that "clicking " sound! That doesn't sound good! Well I hope you feel better soon!
Take care,

Nessa said...

That's serious, better go see a chiropractor at once. Hope you get well soon:)

Jaya said...

OK... that's 2 votes for the chiropractor. I'm leaning that way myself... Thanks for your comments!

Palin Ningthoujam said...

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Cheers, PN

Kim said...

I it could be something further down your spine that is causing the problems....

Jaya said...

OK... that's 3 votes for the Chiropracor, and 1 vote for ViralTags- just kidding, pn, I've already added your Social Media site into my ViralTag matrix.

MorganLighter said...

Get your butt off the couch, chair, bed, floor, divan, cat's tail, whatever and run, don't walk to the chiropractor. You could be doing some irreparable damage to yourself. Go, I mean, GO! (I'm speaking from experience). Are you still here?

Jaya said...

Hi Morgan- Thanks for your comment. Yes, I'm still here!

And I am actually feeling MUCH better now. The neck situation seems to have resolved itself. Headache and neck pain is gone. Instead of putting money towards chiropractic sessions, I'm going to let the dentist torture me and get a new crown put in to replace my broken front tooth.