Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cats In Libraries Map!

As you can see from the photo above, of Rexie studying his astrology book, cats and books are a natural combination. So, it's not uncommon (much to the delight of cat lovers, and the dismay of those allergic to cats) to find cats in book stores, or cats in libraries.

And speaking of cats in libraries, there is a fun website I'd like to bring to your attention. The Library Cats Map is a feature of the Iron Frog Productions Web site, and it is certainly worth a visit. Check out their map of worldwide library cats, and you may find out about a library cat near you! Or, perhaps you know about library cats that have not yet been added to the map, and you can add them. Go HERE to see!

Thanks to the humans over at Cat In The Bag for alerting me to The Library Cats Map. Also click HERE to visit the Shopcat website, where you can read about many other 'working' cats!