Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mr. Lee's CatCam

I just discovered CatCam, by reading about it over on Curious Cat, a Science and Engineering Blog, and it has made me very happy. If you are a cat nut, you need to check this out for yourself, over on the CatCam page. What is CatCam, you ask? Well, it all begins with a cat named Mr. Lee. His human, Juergen Perthold, became curious about what Mr. Lee was up to when he went off for his outings in the neighborhood. He (the human) came up with the clever idea to hook up a camera to Mr. Lee's collar, programmed to snap a photo every 3 minutes. Now he has set up a website, explaining exactly how he did it. Even better, there are CatCam photos on display. Here is Mr. Lee (who looks a lot like my childhood kitty, Schultzie), wearing his CatCam:

The photos themselves are fascinating! There are numerous other cats that Mr. Lee visits who get photographed. Who are they? What is the nature of their relationship with Mr. Lee? There is an amazing bright blue snake Mr. Lee photographs in the woods. I'm now wondering if I could get any of my cats to wear a CatCam, so I can find out about their secret lives. Kudos to Mr. Lee's human for creating the CatCam, and putting the results online for all of us to enjoy! Again, to see this for yourself, head on over to the CatCam page.


Anonymous said...

Hallo, ich lasse dir Grüße da.

Jaya said...

Dank, Lukas :-)