Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mystery Meezer Visit

Yesterday, as I was about to leave home to go run some errands, I noticed my orange and white cat Henry strolling through the front yard towards the house. But then I spotted someone following Henry! Who was it? I took a closer look, going back up to the front porch, and saw that a little meezer (siamese cat) had followed Henry right up to the house! I'd never seen him before, but he was a very handsome young fellow. When I said hello to him, he came trotting over to me and flopped down and rolled around on his back in front of me! What a charmer!

Then he wandered off, back down by the irrigation ditch. This goes under the fence and over to where there are some apartments. I figured that was where he'd come from. Henry and I went over to the bank of the ditch, to see if the meezer was still there. He was, and he came and went several times, flirting with us, but also nervous. I went inside to get my camera. When I came back out, Henry was lying on the bank, waiting for the meezer to reappear. I sat down and joined him.

Henry, waiting for the meezer:

Gamma has come out to see too, and the meezer
has returned! The meezer is now noticing that
my dog Lucy is also watching him from behind
the fence. And Gamma is not too sure about our
visitor, and has the fur along her back raised!
She is ready to go into warrior mode if needed.
Henry is mellow, as usual, a born diplomat.

A better view of the meezer, now looking rather alarmed:

Then Boo & Rexie also came out,
and the meezer began growling,
so Gamma decided she’d better watch
the rest of it from on top of the picnic table!

Shortly afterwards the meezer left, and did not return. I went off to town to do my errands, and the cats all went back to whatever they were doing before the meezer appeared. But I am certainly left wondering if we will see our cute visitor again in the future.


morinn said...

Henry is really cute. I love his orange color. :D

Daisy said...

That Meezer is very beautiful. I hope he has a good home somewhere and he was just out on a little adventure.

CapricornWoman said...

Not heard the word meezer before... lol

An exciting little encounter for you and the cats :)

myonlyphoto said...

Cool story, it happened to me once too, a cat showed up at my door and just needed compassion from me, so I did - but tell you the truth I am not very good with cats, or dogs, or any other animals that I have to touch or pet. Well the same cat one day (about 5 years ago) showed up and was standing front of my door making noise, I thought that he may be got confused and came to the wrong door, but now I wonder.
Anna :)

Anonymous said...

I think he was looking alarmed (no kidding!) because he just heard Osama has a new video out.

Jaya said...

Yes, Morrin, Henry IS cute... he is a most wonderful cat, a very unique fellow. One of these day's I'll get around to posting his story, explaining how he came to be living with me.

Daisy, I also hope that gorgeous meezer has a good home. I'm guessing he lives in the apartments on the other side of the fence, behind my yard. And he seemed healthy and well fed, so I don't think he's a stray. He's quite a young fellow, hasn't been neutered yet.

I've been asking my cats each morning now when I come home from work if they have had any more meezer sightings, but they aren't telling! Perhaps I'll see him again this weekend, when I'll be home more.

Lady Banana, it WAS an exciting little adventure, meeting this young meezer! If you google the word 'meezer', you'll find lots of people using that term, and even meezer blogs!

Anna... I wonder too, what that cat wanted with you... perhaps to change your mind about cats? Sometimes people who never really were 'cat people' get won over by one special kitty and BOOM, they become certified cat nuts! It could happen to you, you just never know!

Malu, the meezer was visiting BEFORE Osama's latest video release, so I don't think his anxiety was related to that... (Also, he didn't strike me as the sort that follows human news too closely.) More likely he was a wee bit nervous at having me, Henry, Gamma, Boo, Rexie, AND Lucy the dog all staring at him!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing. I am almost positive meezer is a Birman which has some Siam but bred differently. They are very expensive to buy as kittens with papers here in Florida. I couldn't really tell from the photo if it had a collar. If Birman, someone for sure is missing him. He's gorgeous as are all your kitties.

Jaya said...

Ahhh, Z & M, thanks for that info. No, he was not wearing any collar. I certainly hope he is safe and sound now, in his own loving home.

However, he is a bold fellow, to have followed Henry all the way up to my house, so, if he is in need of help, I'm guessing he'll come back here.

Jaya said...

Good news everyone! The mystery of the meezer appears to have been solved! It seems, from a conversation I just had with my next door neighbor, that this is their new kitty. He was recently adopted from the local shelter, is seven months old, and has been named Sultan.