Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Death DreamWalking

I wanted to share with my readers that I have been trained as what is known as a 'DreamWalker' for the death trasition. I took the training in the summer of 2005.

What is DreamWalking? You can visit the DreamWalker website to learn more, but I'll quote from it here to give you a quick overview:

"We all die. In spite of this simple fact, our society harbors deep-seated fears and anxieties about death. People don't like to talk about it. It's taboo. Many consider death a weakness or punishment. The sick and elderly are placed in care centers, where care can mean a minimal level of medical prescriptions with little regard for the psycho-spiritual person.

The funeral service traditionally marks the end of the journey on Earth. But it is also the beginning of a new journey for the one who just died. Their spirit lives on in the non-physical realms. What happens in these realms is varied, depending on their beliefs and levels of awareness. This can be a particularly lonely and discomforting time for them.

The DreamWalker Guides are trained to escort their client through the mazes of the non-physical realms. They are there to comfort and reassure their client. They provide a sense of security and balance during the death transition process. If the client chooses, the DreamWalker guides them to the Bridge of Flowers, the cross-over point to the highest angelic realms. This is where the purest of angels – their celestial family – greets and welcomes them back.

This isn't a religious process. DreamWalkers do not get involved in any specific belief systems. They simply act as servants and guides. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or even if you don't have any specific beliefs about afterlife, the DreamWalker is there as a guide and a point of comfort. They are a beacon of light in what can often be a confusing and dark time."

I believe that many humans do this sort of work, in different ways, and with various levels of awareness, guiding and helping those who are going through the death transition. The DreamWalker death school I attended was to teach us to do this with full conscious awareness. Death has been a major theme in this lifetime for me, and I was immediately drawn to attending the DreamWalker death school when it became available. And, no coincidence, the very first school was offered right here in my home town of Taos, so it was easy for me to participate. While I had no fear of death before becoming a DreamWalker, since attending this training I've been even more comfortable in the non-physical realms.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm pretty good about death these days, I would like to hire you in advance to help me out "then". Who better?

Also,please let me know if you ever take MortgageRefinanceWalking. I definitely find this a weakness and a punishment with NO regard for my psycho-spiritual person.

myonlyphoto said...

Jaya, you got some special powerful skills. It is cool you can do that. The DreamWalker concepts seems very interesting. Anna :)

Jaya said...

MaLu, Dear... consider me hired. Please be sure to let me know before you plan on exiting. However, I regret to inform you that I can not help you with the mortgage refinancing, other than to wish you well with it...

Anna, yes, I also find the idea of DreamWalking very interesting. I've been taught that at other times, in earlier human history, we handled death much better than we do now. Death was honored as a sacred time of transition, and not hidden away as a dark and fearful event the way it so often is today.