Friday, September 21, 2007

Abstract Cat Diva With Orb

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Yes, I know it's out of focus! I like it as an abstract image. It's of a cat named Diva. And I like the very clear orb in front of her left eye. What's an orb? Depends who you ask. They show up mainly in digital photographs. Some believe they are ghost spirits. Others say they are energetic bits of consciousness. Skeptics say they are mostly flashes illuminating motes of dust. My camera picked up hundreds of them at the Quantum Leap gathering I was just at, both inside and outside. The one shown above seems to have followed me home. It's the first time I recall having an orb show up in one of my cat photos.


Shantanu said...

Hmm...sure that's not a dust particle on the lens? :-)

Daisy said...

I am pretty sure Diva is trying to hypnotize me with the orb in her eye.

Jaya said...

Hah-ha, Daisy- You hang onto your Temptations. I know you work hard for them, doing all those photo shoots for your blog. I will give Diva some Temptations from the bags I have here.

Jaya said...

Shantanu... yeah, I am pretty sure that is not a dust particle on the lens. Photos taken immediately before and after did not contain the orb. But if you are happier believing it is dust, that is fine with me.

Here are some comments about orbs, from Tobias, as channeled
by Geoffry Hoppe of the Crimson Circle:

TOBIAS: "Your own energies are becoming so strong that they are now showing up in the pictures. And, because of the nature of your digital technology, they will show up even more in digital than they did in film. It is easier – how to say – for those that you call orb energies to project through.

Sometimes the orbs are literally energies or angels from our side who are right there with you. And, sometimes it is energy balls – how to say – that are coming from you and energy that is emanating from you. The ones that – how to say – have more flair in them will tend to be your own energies coming off of you. The ones that are more of a tightly held sphere or orb tend to be from the angelic realms. But, these will be showing up more and more in your photographs. "

- New Energy Series, shoud 10, Q&A, May 1, 2004

If you'd like more info on Tobias
and the Crimson Circle,