Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some Recent Blogging Trends...

I came across some nifty graphs, which show recent trends in the blogosphere. For instance, this one below, which shows numbers of mentions of cat people, dog people and horse people over the last 6 months:

It looks as if the cat people are a bit more unstable, with greater ups & downs than the dog people. The cat people had a great day around February 9th, but overall we need to pull ourselves up a bit, as it is obvious (to me and my 9 cats) that CAT people should have the highest levels. Of course, just by posting this, and mentioning cat people, I am boosting our ratings. So I feel I've done my bit, and now I'm encouraging the rest of you cat people to get blogging about your love of felines! As for the low rating of horse people, I think that is just because they are out in the stables and fields with the horses, and not inside blogging about it!

Switching topics, here is another graph, showing how the 'Seven Deadly Sins' are doing in blog mentions. But first, before you look, can you name the seven deadly sins???:

It's easy to see that anger and pride are the front runners by a wide margin. Why are we blogging about those two so much more than the others? I would have thought lust would put in a better showing. And, in my own personal life, I'm certainly pulling for gluttony and sloth.

And, just to show balance between the dark side and the light side, lets take a look at the 'Seven Roman Virtues', and see how they are fairing in the blogosphere:

Clearly, hope is by far the most popular virtue to blog about. Fortitude and temperance, on the other hand, seem to have fallen by the wayside. Or at least we don't have much to say about them these days. I sat here a moment trying to think of something to say about them, but I also am at a loss. But hey, how about all that hope, huh?? It makes me smile. It makes me feel, well, rather hopeful... How about you?

OK, and I couldn't resist this one final graph, comparing blog mentions of ghosts, demons, and zombies. Now this one surprised me. Frankly, I thought the zombies would put in a much better showing. But that might just be my own personal prejudices showing though- I admit I'm kinda into zombies. And what was with that huge spike in people blogging about ghosts around February 9th?? Curious... (insert spooky ghost music here)

These graphs are just some of the cool features available at:


Anonymous said...

There should be LOTS more about zombies, since I think we'll all agree that our very existence is unlikely to be threatened by ghosts or demons any time in the near future.
The street I live on is full of zombies, for example. If I didn't have my yeller dog here, they'd be after my brains for sure. Zombies sure love brains. But they afraid of yeller dog...

Jaya said...

Yes. There should certainly be more discussions of zombies going on. However, I don't think this is something we'd ALL agree about... certain religious types are very concerned about what the demons are up to, and some spiritualists are all hepped up on communicating with ghosts. But you and I have our priorities straight and understand that zombies are of supreme importance.

I'm sorry to hear about the zombie problem on your street. I had a friend, Rich, with this same problem. He moved to a new area, only to discover that it was full of zombies. As soon as he got there, his car was totaled in an accident with a zombie driver. Then he was arrested by zombie police. He also had a good dog, but the zombies turned his dog into one of their own, and then Rich had no protection except for his wits, and they could only provide limited assistance.

I have not heard from Rich for several days, and I can only assume that the zombies got to him and have eaten his brains. Such is life in a zombie infested world.

Good luck to you, Reasonable Man.

Jaya said...

AND for any of you who think zombies are something to laugh about, you should spend some time reading the twitter updates coming in from young Greg & Matt, who have had to flee
their rural hometown due to zombie infestation.
You can follow their desperate situation by going to: