Sunday, May 27, 2007

Attention Cat Servants...

Does YOUR cat have a Yellow Fish yet? If not, you are not being a very good cat servant! I myself was amiss in my duties until this past Friday, when I purchased a Yellow Fish at my local pet store and brought it home for my 9 cats to enjoy.

And boy oh boy did they ever enjoy it!! I didn't even have time to toss it onto the floor before the fun began. Cats were circling the store bag that held the Yellow Fish while it was on the kitchen table. Tobias, one of the more dominant males, was the first to claim the Yellow Fish as his prize. He'd already been licking, drooling, and chewing on the Yellow Fish by the time I thought to grab my camera so you all could see his joy.

Tobias did finally let some of the other cats play with Yellow Fish, and they had such big fun with it that they needed a serious nap afterwards!

To learn more about Yellow Fish, you can visit
the webpage of DuckyWorld Products.
(this is NOT a paid promotion,
just a really great product!)


lisa q. said...

awww...that is absolutely the cutest! i must get my kittys a yellow fish!

Jaya said...

Actually they also make a Green Fish, and a Pollack Fish (with splatters like a Jackson Pollock painting), which I'm sure are just as good. But Yellow Fish was the one that really called out to me. Although, after 2 days and 6 hours of use, my Yellow Fish is now more like a Pea Green/Brown Fish, from being slobbered on and dragged all over the house. said...

What a great post-

I really like your blog-

Thanks for visiting mine-


Oh yea, I voted for you to blog for a year! However, I hope you blog longer than that!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Ahhh we are finally able to Kitty Surf again, and Tobias looks as if we need to have a few Yellow Fishies too! We have you linked now so we can come back and visit often!! Hugs and Scritches and again thank you for your sweet words for TeaCup. Purrs and Purrs

Bernie said...

Hi there...
How cute is this!!!
I would love to get one for our Jasmine, but I am afraid that she would not use it!
You see, she does NOTHING when it comes to catnip, NOTHING!
However, chlorine or bleach, these send her wild!!! I have see cats on catnip, and Jasmine + Chlorine/bleach leaves it for dead!!
Great blog and I will be back....

Jaya said...

Thanks for the Blog For A Year vote, Ann! It's appreciated.

Thanks for linking to my site, Megan! I saw that when I was over at your site yesterday.

Bernie- Yes, some cats just don't respond to catnip... 10-30% of cats, according to one site. And younger kitties, under 3 months old, also do not respond. But, when cats DO respond, as the majority of them do, it sure is fun to watch!! How odd that your Jasmine likes the smell of bleach- I've never heard of that! I had a cat once that was crazy for cantelope... he would dive into the garbage can to get at cantelope rinds, so he could gnaw on them!

Thanks very much for visiting, and leaving comments everyone!

Jaya said...

Also, Bernie... your Jasmine isn't by any chance the same Jasmine who is a customer service rep at Gateway, is she? (You just never know what sorts of strange things these cats will get up to!!) If that IS her, please ask her to give me a call back about my inquiry concerning my new computer. Thanks!

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! Your puss....sure it's yours?
Hmmmmmm well it is EXACTLY the same as Ella, who is now asleep in the middle of our bed, so bedmaking is on hold! LOL!


Jaya said...

Yes, Mrs. Nesbitt... I have begun
to suspect that some of our cats
lead double, or triple lives...
I'm sure I've spotted my Rexie
on other people's blogs, and my
Henry has been seen living with
another cat who posts on Twitter.
I don't know how they do it, they
are such mysterious creatures!

Kisses to Ella.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely gorgeous...just how do you manage to get such good cat pix? (hypothetical only) These are just wonderful! Keep blogging, hopefully for longer than a year, too!

Jaya said...

Thanks, Janina!

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Mine prefer the yellow Yeowww! bananas or the 'nip cigar. Bunny-kicking ensues with the old and ratty ones as much as with the new 'nip bananas. Fun!