Saturday, May 19, 2007

Be The Change...

This morning I came across an interesting blog, written by Damian, and titled 'be the change - tread the path'. It's well worth a visit.

One piece of writing on Damian's site that proved especially thought provoking for me was written by Guest Author Kara-Leah Masina. She was invited over from her own blog to write a piece on Damian's site, and you can read it here.

Kara-Leah writes of the need to first change your PERCEPTION of the world in order to create both internal and external change. I absolutely agree with this. Our own individual perception, built up from our belief systems, totally filter and color what we believe to be true and thus what we perceive out there in the world. So any change must begin within ourselves, to change our belief systems, change our perception, and change what we see as we look out at the world around us. Then we respond differently to the changed world we observe, and the cycle of change continues, expanding outward.

Kara-Leah went on to say:

"In practical terms, listen to the words that fall out of your mouth and circle in your mind.

What do you wish other people did?

Then do that.

What do you wish was happening?

Then be that.

If your partner drives you nuts because they are always late... observe yourself and make sure that you are always early.

If other drivers annoy you because they dilly dally and know not where they go... always drive with intention and purpose.

If the service at your favourite restaurant is lacking, ask yourself how you can be of greater service in your life.

See each complaint, each desire, each longing to change another as an impetus to change yourself.

Then watch this change as it is reflected in the world that you perceive."

I have read similar ideas in the past, and nodded my head in agreement, all the while continuing on in my own selfish 'me first' manner. But, time has passed, and I've apparently ripened to just the right point to hear these comments more fully. Today, as I read them, I immediately was aware of a certain situation in my life. There is a person I deal with regularly who has a behavior pattern that irritates me every time. I've been aware that I have a similar pattern, but my behavior is much milder, nobody had complained about it, and it works out to my benefit. That's how I was able to justify my own behavior in my head, while at the same time condemning this other person's similar (though yes, more extreme) behavior. I was a wee bit thoughtless, while she was just plain rude and bad. Of course that line of thought is flawed. In defending my own behavior, I cannot but defend hers as well.

I do not appreciate having selfish, rude people in my life. So, perhaps it is time for me to stop being one in the lives of those around me. And this particular behavior is a great place to begin 'being the change' as Damian writes about on his blog. I hearby commit to changing my behavior in this instance. I'll go first. Who is next?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaya,

I'm glad that my words resonated with you, and I'm looking forward to reading your follow up post as you make this change in your life.

Many blessings,

paisley said...

i am coming out of a real life changing fog... i am going to start working on things i feel are important, and i was happy to find this message of encouragement... as i was the clunker story,, as it showed me,, amidst the disarray that was your young life,,, you found something that was good, at least heartwarming now... i need to fall in to hat category as well... thank you

Jaya said...

Thanks, Kara-Leah, and thanks, Paisley, I appreciate your comments.

I DID change my behavior pattern last night, the first time the issue had come up again since I wrote this post. It felt good to take the high road and 'be the change'.

And I realize it doesn't really matter if the other person changes their behavior. It's not about THEM, it's about ME, and about ME living with integrity. Now, even if the other person continues their rude behavior, I think it will not bother me so much because it will not be mirroring my own flawed behavior back to me.