Friday, May 11, 2007


As much as you say
you do NOT
want this pain...

It 'feels' to me
as if you are
at its alter,
tending the
sacred fire,
chanting the
holy words:
"I hurt"
"I hurt"
"I hurt"

And you know,
(you DO know),
that the universe
listens to you,
every time you
say it,
scream it,
weep it,
bleed it:
"I hurt"
"I hurt"
"I hurt"

And every time
you feed this truth,
then *poof* so it IS.

And like a stray cat,
as long as you keep
feeding it, it will stay,
ever your faithful
companion in pain…

Though it would just as soon
join you in pleasure and joy,
if that is what you choose.
Either way, it’s YOUR creation,
your doom or delight,
your agony or ecstasy,
yours, all yours.

So what ARE you choosing?
What ARE you feeding?
What ARE you giving your power to?
Well then, *poof* so it IS.

~ Poem by Jaya, 2006 ~


Rhoda said...

I love your poem and it rings so true for me. I live in constant pain and have noticed that I can give it the power to rule my life and take that power away. Sometimes I hear a little voice trying to tell me that I have no such power; that I only have good and bad days. You strengthen my confidence that I DO have that power! Thank you.

Jaya said...

Thanks, Rhoda. Yes, I believe that you, like any of us, DO have the power to create change in our own lives. I believe that what we focus our attention on we strengthen. And our belief systems, both conscious and unconscious, also play a huge part in creating the reality we experience.

There's more to it than that, though, which is why affirmations, or 'positive thinking' do not always work. The best explanation I've found is in Robert Scheinfeld's book, Busing Loose From the Money Game. While the title focuses on the financial aspects of your life, the concepts he shares, and 'the process' he provides, can be used for ANYTHING in your life.

Anonymous said...

:-) Very vivid indeed.