Friday, May 4, 2007

Is Google Googling My Thoughts??

A couple of days ago I added a small Google Ads display to this blog, as a way to generate some income. It has interested me to see what they have been displaying. They are supposed to match the products being advertised to the content of my blog. While the ads do switch around, I've noticed that most of the time they are advertising various drug rehab and drug detox programs- 'get over your heroin addiction while going on a wilderness retreat & rafting down the Rio Grande'- that sort of thing.

Now I'm wondering just how that fits in with anything I've been blogging about. Does it? Not as far as I can tell. Why aren't they advertising cat related products, or maybe some good zombie repellent? That would make more sense to me, and heck, everyone should have a can of zombie repellent handy these days.

But no, they're stuck on drug recovery. And at my place of employment, a secret facility buried deep beneath the sands of an undisclosed location in New Mexico, where wayward youth are sent to keep them safe from zombies, drugs DO come up from time to time. Why, just the other day we discovered that one kid has been abusing over the counter cold to get high. Ick. And other kids were caught storing bottles of pee by their beds, presumably to help someone else pass their urine analysis tests ('UA' tests, given to detect drug use). Double ick.

So, certainly I have had recent thoughts of drugs, drug abuse, and recovery (or lack thereof) from drug addiction. But how does Google know this??? Does putting their ads onto my blog also put some sort of Google Thought Monitor into my mind??? I confess I did not read all the fine print in the agreement between Google Ads and myself. Now I feel a little nervous. What other things which I thought were private does Google Ads know about me???? You can be darn sure I'll be watching those little ads VERY closely, to see what they are selling! Am I being paranoid?? Maybe, and maybe not... time will tell.

Update: While Google did begin displaying more relevant ads soon after this post was written, not long afterwards I decided I just didn't like the look of those ads on my blog, regardless of what they were about, and I removed them.


Sueblimely said...

In theory, if your blog did not mention drugs and google advertised rehab, now you have mentioned them, google may stop featuring rehab? At the moment they are advertising boosting self esteem and Numerology so my theory may be correct :-)

Jaya said...

Hmmmm... I just don't know. I'm looking at my page a little later in the evening and the Google Ads are back to the subject of drugs, detox and addiction. Yes, now that I have posted about it, it does actually go with my blog content. But I'm still mystified as to why they were featuring those ads before I posted about those subjects.

Sorry I missed those self esteem and numerology ads. If Google Ads is monitoring my thoughts, this seems like an upward trend. Perhaps I can monitor my own mental health by watching what Google Ads is putting on my blog.

Oh!! I just remembered, my post about my little sister DID mention drug addiction! That must be what prompted Google Ads to place ads about that subject. Ahhhhh... another mystery in my life has been solved!!

I still will be watching the Google Ads, to see if there are any hidden messages in them for me. I'm wondering now if I'll start seeing ads for the treatment of paranoia...?

Thanks for your comments, Sueblimely.

UGN said...

Maybe they figure that anyone who blogs about cats must be on drugs! :) (Maybe I ought to just get my dog face outa here.)

Seriously though, a recent post of mine noticed that there were many people who posted about cats. Thanks for stopping by my site!

Anonymous said...

...well you've now moved up to "Bathroom ideas" I'm guessing you can write an entire blog about bathroom ideas...oh wait you already did the blog about urine.

Jaya said...

Bathroom ideas? Hmmmmmm......