Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rexie Now On Twitter!

Great News! Rexie has just gotten his very own account on Twitter. He is very pleased. Actually, he is sitting with his back to me at the other end of the desk, facing the feeding station, but I can tell he is very pleased, underneath his aloof posturing. If you are on Twitter, and you want to add Rexie as your friend, his screen name is RexiePuss. Warning: He will hit you up for cream donations.


Anonymous said...

You are Bee-u-tiful. I have to say, I have a soft spot for "2 toned cats" Grey and white is my favorite, with Black and White a close second. Which brings me to the point, I love your sister Gracie!!!! Check the bottom of Gracies paws, cause I think she just might have Maine Coon in her. Be sure to say meew to Sir Lancelot if you see him bopping by.

Jaya said...

How will checking the bottom of Gracie's paws tell me if she has maine Coon in her? Please explain. She is so big and sturdy now, I think she may have some Maine Moose in her!

Anonymous said...

Oh....It will have a stamp that says...Maine Coon. OR, they have long hair between their toes and large pad. I don't remember which. But if she is Maine Moose, she will have antlers and live in Canada.
....by the way, this is not Shanti, but the very mischievious Merlin. My dad's sleeping, and Shanti is oblivious, so I decided to write to Rexie, and Gracie, she's hot.

Kelly Martin said...

Aww beautiful cat!! I am so longing for animals around me, maybe when I move.

My landlord at present does not allow animals so I talk to the birds and trees on my way to my office instead.


Jaya said...

Dear Merlin-

You are right, Gracie IS hot. However, she is very much opposed to having the underside of her paws examined. I was able to get a quick look and found she has great tufts of fur springing out. I tried to get a photo, but she was having none of it. I will try again another time. I have a mission now.

And by the way, I have a sneaking suspicion that Shanti is actually NOT as oblivious as she wants us to think she is.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaya,
ahhh....that's so nice, you have faith in my dear Shanti. I in the meantime take great pleasure in running to get right under her feet...at anytime!! I excell at this. I can run out from regions unknown in a flash, and I NEVER miss an opportunity to do this. She hops, and falls, and makes all kinds of funny twists and turns. So, you see??? Anyhow, the tuffts of hair are a Maine Coon trait. They also tend to be LARGE, and have very tiny voices...until they yow...el.

I recommend caution in getting actual photos if Gracie doesn't care for this, as they tend to be smarter than honor students. Pure Maine Coons, have the tuffts sticking out so much they have tuffts on the top of their feet also. (Just like the grinch) I know that you will look up pictures of the grinch now...hee hee...hee.

Gazard7 said...

Rexie is such a charming cat, and a techy one. :)