Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dreaming the White Dragon

I've just woken up from a marvelous dream. In the dream, I had tons and tons of money. For some odd reason, I decided that I wanted to have my very own shopping center. So I commissioned to have it built. The very next day, it was completely done!

I spent all day wandering around in it. It was very beautiful, very luxurious. I began inviting friends into it.

Then, I came to one wing that had some strange looking large rooms. There was a woman with me who knew all about it, and she took me in and showed me what was inside. It was like an amusement ride, and when I went in to one end of the room a HUGE head of a friendly, talking white dragon came out from the other end of the room. It came right up to me, and talked to me, too. It knew my name, and it was loving and wise. It was supposedly only a machine, but it seemed VERY real. It made me laugh with pure delight and joy.

It was a dream, but I think on some level, or i
n some dimension, I actually did meet this wonderful white dragon!



Kelly Martin said...

Fantastic dream Jaya! what special energy you met!