Friday, April 27, 2007

Hungry Entities Be Gone!

Well... stranger and stranger... I have just gotten off the phone from talking with one of my more, uhm, unique friends, who goes by the code name of mrose. I asked her if she had been to visit my blog. She said she had, but that she could not stay long, because she sensed the strong presence of many 'hungry entities'. Bugger!

I have not, I repeat, NOT authorized any hungry entities to hang out on my blog. I hereby command ALL unauthorized entities to LEAVE right now. (This does not apply to you, Dear and Most Welcome Reader!) I am on my way to bed, for much needed rest. But, to monitor the hungry entity exodus, I leave the nose of Artus the Large. He will sniff out any hungry entities that try to linger here on my blog. And now I feel a sense of peace surrounding me, and I know that all is well.


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