Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An Appendix Blooms In The Desert

Lazily rubbing my belly, before getting dressed
for the day, I became aware of the scar from my
appendectomy. This made me wonder about my
former appendix, which had been removed about
six years ago.

I knew, from living in such a small town, that the
Marcus Welby, MD type surgeon who removed my
appendix had since retired, that his wife had
died, and that he'd put his house on the market.
The monthly bills from him, though money was
still owed, stopped coming years ago.

But enough about him, no matter how charming
he may be. What I was wondering about, as I
prodded my scar tissue, was what might have
happened to that big, upset appendix that he
took from me... where did it go, and what

adventures might it have

Yes, perhaps it just went into some bag saying:
'Caution! Bio Hazard! Medical Waste Material'
and was incinerated to protect innocent people
from being assaulted by my appendix in the wee
hours of the morning.

Yes... I can almost see my appendix sneaking up
on these people, as they sleep, totally unaware
of the horrible danger they are in. Yikes!! 'Night
of the Living Dead Appendix'... (I am not going
to post images of this here, as they are simply
too disturbing for public viewing.)

But, perhaps my appendix escaped the fires of
medical waste incineration, and went on to have

a different sort of future.

Maybe it was just tossed into the trash and then
taken to the local landfill. Maybe it was dug up
by a wiley coyote and made into a happy late night

Then, later, after the coyote had trotted back
across the sage filled mesa, under the full moon,
coyote turds would have fertilized the desert
lowers with the digested remains of my appendix.

And those flowers would bloom brightly and
joyfully... new life from old, transmutation!

All this and more is possible, and that is what I
realized, rubbing my hand across my belly scar.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the charming old doctor ate your appendix with some fava beans and a nice chianti :)

Jaya said...

Yes, I suppose that IS another possibility!

Anonymous said...

I had two appendixes removed at different times, my brother also had two, we're weird, but I see them all playing happily together somewhere although the one that ruptured is likely in a wheelchair!

Jaya said...

Wow! I've never heard of humans having more than one appendix... how interesting! I will have to investigate this further.