Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another House I Won't Be Living In

Well, I am sad to announce that it looks like the deal for the cute little house with the great yard is falling through, and I will not be purchasing that place. There were issues with the septic system, caused by stringent regulations for homes on lots less than 3/4 acre in size. 

Yesterday I went and looked at a very reasonably priced house closer to town. This place also unfortunately has the same septic limitations, and other issues which make it not right for me. BUT, that property had the most wonderful views, that I felt elevated just getting to see them. The seller was also a pleasant fellow who I enjoyed talking with. Below are some photos I took of the view, looking out over the Taos valley, and showing the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains in the distance.  It was a rainy day, as we are in our summer 'monsoon season'.

 Looking East, down the driveway:


Marg said...

Those are fantastic views. Too bad you couldn't have that one. That really is too bad.
Have a great week end.

Eric : Manila Blog said...

Both have the same great views. I hope you can also upload a picture of this house because the previous one is cute enough... but too bad you can't have any of them :(

Carolina Cats said...

Oh, it's beautiful! But I know the right place is still waiting for you, you just have to find it.

Best of luck!