Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Very Tolerant Cat

I came across these YouTube videos, and they made me laugh. This cat, Walter (playing Hugo in the video), is one very tolerant guy, although he does look a bit exasperated at times. Who can blame him? He also looks a lot like my Rexie, which of course I like. I hope you'll enjoy this silliness too!


Anonymous said...

Those are funny! Thanks for sharing.
Also, thanks for stopping by my site yesterday, I appreciate your visit. :-D

CapricornWoman said...

Wow, he is very tolerant, I can't imagine many cats sitting through that for so long... he is a very cute kitty as well :)

badthing1 said...

Hi Jaya :)

I LOVED these videos!! Thanks for showing them to us. What an original and creative sense of humor that person had, and of course I also loved the fact that his cat looks exactly like my Furby.

Anonymous said...

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Doggil said...

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God bless