Saturday, March 1, 2008

Those Goofy Missouri Taxpayers!

I have the sad honor of having a phone number that is only one digit off from the number given out to tax deadbeats in the state of Missouri. From what I can tell, if you don't pay your taxes in Missouri, or even if you do, but they think you don't, the Missouri Department of Revenue will send out a letter with a phone number for you to contact them. And that's just fine with me... after all, it's none of my business. Heck, I don't live in Missouri, not even anywhere close.

But then, when you take into account the folks who DO live in Missouri, well, that's where it starts to become a problem for me. Because the good citizens of Missouri, while I'm sure they have many other fine and endearing qualities, are NOT great at dialing phone numbers correctly. I know this is true, because almost every day I get one or more of them phoning ME to discuss their tax situations.

Sometimes they swear that they really did already pay their taxes, back in January, or last July. They'll tell me the amount they paid, and sometimes even give me their social security numbers! They wonder if they should fax me a copy of their canceled check. Some of them are angry at me, because the message on my personal answering machine does not instruct them how to resolve their tax situation. They want me to call them back so that we can talk it all over, and work something out. But I'm not interested. I just wish they would all shut up about their taxes and leave me alone.

Signed: Grumpy in New Mexico


Anonymous said...

Well Jaya, if you ever want to break into a new career, it looks like these people want to give you a head start as a professional identity thief! They are just lucky that it's you that has that wrong number since they are freely giving out all these personal details. If it were someone with a criminal mind all hell could break loose on their credit.

Karen Jo said...

Gerri took care of my first reaction. This must be really annoying. We used to get very interesting phonecalls because there was a misprint once in the Roswell phone book that gave our number in Los Alamos instead of the number for the Roswell FBI office.

Anonymous said...

Well, since I sent my taxes to you, and you don't seem to care ...when do I get my refund?

JesieBlogJourney said...

They think that you have much authority in the IRS. I know that working for the IRS is not the most popular profession as it sounds like a tax collector.

Joke aside, it is really annoying to get calls from angry tax payers when it has nothing to do with you.

Anonymous said...

You might change your message to "Good news! The State of Missouri is out of business! Never mind those taxes, but FYI all state highways are no longer available for use. Furthermore, all state court cases are hereby dropped; if you have a court date DO NOT SHOW UP."

"It's hard to fix stupid"