Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cat In The Printer Tray!

It's a very good thing that I rarely need to print anything out from the printer attached to my home computer. Because that printer is usually being used in another way, by one of my 9 cats, as demonstrated by LaLa in the photo below.

click on image to view larger


CapricornWoman said...

It is so funny the places cats like to settle themselves. My visiting cat makes herself well at home here in the oddest of places sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Boxes. My cats love any box. They like to sleep overflowing from a too small box or together in a big box. Shoeboxes are a real treat, just right, like the proper porridge temperature for Goldilocks.

Now I want to name a cat Goldilocks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info