Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can You Do This? (Color Test)


My friend MaLu, bearer of many good things, brought 'The Color Test' to my attention. She said it is harder than it seems at first, and she is right. I got a score of 63% on my first attempt, and 100% on my second try. MaLu says it takes an average of five times to get 100%. I like this little test very much, as it confirms that I am ABOVE average. I'd like to hear how YOU do on it. Go here:

The Color Test
is fast to take, and all you have to do is follow the instructions... the very simple instructions! It says it is the left brain / right brain difference that makes this a challenge... to do well on this you have to get them working together! Give it a try, then leave a comment to tell us how you do with it. Good luck!


Unknown said...

OK, 88% the first time (means I missed one) and 100% the second. What kind of prize am I entitled to this time? I missed out on the pennies to some damn cat!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too. I got something% first time and then got 100% on second try. I think it was the bloody challenge gauntlet! I wonder if women are better than men at this? I've heard we're better overall in using both hemispheres.

Jaya said...

And my brother Richard, still unable to master the art of leaving a comment, e-mailed his results:

"Nice test - 80% first try - 100% second try - nicely done. "

Anonymous said...

I got 100%. Now we shall all believe Shanti when she tells you how right brained she is.

Anonymous said...

I got an 88 so not bad. Thanks for the fun test. Stumbled too!

myonlyphoto said...

I got 100%, but I have to tell you I have Nintendo DS and set of Brain Age games, and one of the tests is exactly this one. Did you that kind of games are heavily prompted in Japan to prevent from Alzimer disease, I think this is great technique. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you have any sparkly heart test? Where is the sparkly?


Daisy said...

That was fun! I only got a 75%.

curryegg said...

I blog about this before. It's call the Stroop effect. Learn this in psychology before..

Nice blog you've here.. ;)

Jaya said...

Well, thanks for the comments
everyone! You all seem to have
done better at it than I did,
thus deflating my ego back to
its proper size. I'll have to
check out the Stroop Effect some
more. I really like this sort of

Anonymous said...

FYI to Kevin and husband has been called many things but never "some damn cat". He'll like that.

(Sore losers)

Windyridge said...

Yikes it took three tries to get 100% . My first was 50% and then 63%