Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crow Caw

This crow is often sitting up in the tree by the front door where I work.  He usually has a lot to say, and today I snapped a photo of him as he was voicing some of his commentary.


Unknown said...

Beautiful photography!

RWS Photo said...

nice capture

otilius said...

crisp crow!

dickster1961 said...

those are really nice shots.

Unknown said...

Birds are hard to photograph. Well done! Really nice photos!

Dogomania said...

wonderful picture!

Vera said...

Very very beautiful! These photos really pop at you :) I don't think I'd ever seen crows up close, except at the zoo maybe.

Cap'n Kyrie said...

You take really lovely pictures.

I chose you for the versatile blogger award!
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Elvira's Roundabout said...

you're lucky to capture this, great photos. i wonder where the bird is now.

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