Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life With Fluffy & Fido...

According to recent surveys, 69% of US pet owners let their pets sleep in bed with them. And 65% of pet owners purchase Christmas presents for their pets.

The dogs do slightly better than cats in the Christmas present booty, with 8% more dogs getting a gift than cats. But 2% more cats are sleeping in bed with their humans.

The survey also found that 23 percent of pet owners cook for their pets, and 18 percent like to dress their pets up.

For myself, three of my cats sleep with me- Rexie either shares the pillow with me or gets under the blankets, Gracie sleeps on top of me, and Tobias is at the foot of the bed (where my feet would like to be). Some of the other cats visit now and then in bed, but aren't regulars. The dog, Lucy, sleeps in a dog bed on the floor near my bed. Unless some of the cats steal it, as they sometimes do... then Lucy has to sleep on the floor.

I don't get my pets Christmas presents, though I do say 'Merry Christmas' to them. I think most of the cats are Buddhists anyway.

So what about YOUR pets? Are they sleeping with you? Is there anything waiting for them under the Christmas tree??


myonlyphoto said...

Jaya agree with you, it happens in our family too. So your cats are Buddhists, lol, do they know that? Great post, Anna :)

Rich Sands said...

Sleeping with your pets is gross. They're dirty animals who lick their own butts, for God's sake. Nope, after the sex is over, the dogs and cats are right out of the bed.

Jaya said...

Thanks, Anna! Yeah, I'm pretty sure the most of the cats are Buddhists... they just give off that vibe. Although, wait a minute- maybe not, they do kill other creatures, all those birds and rodents and bugs. Maybe they aren't Buddhists after all. Perhaps they are Druids. Though I don't think the Druids would be keen on rodent kills either... this is all a much bigger puzzle to figure out than I'd originally thought!

And Rich, what can I say to that? Thanks for dropping by and leaving your perverted comments. What would I do without friends like you?