Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tesla's Purple Plates, Missing Time, and the Resurrected Mouse!

On a discussion board I hang out on, we were talking about Tesla a few months ago, and someone mentioned the mysterious 'Positive Purple Plates', which were apparently based on some research Tesla had done.

I'd forgotten all about the one I had. It was in my refrigerator, presumably amping up the good vibes of all the food in the fridge. This conversation reminded me of it, so I got it out, and then a night of Positive Purple Plate related adventures ensued. I made posts to the discussion board throughout the night, updating the group on what was happening. Now I submit the story, in those original posts, for you to ponder upon. If the pondering makes your head hurt, get yourself a Positive Purple Plate, and it will probably make you feel better.

Post subject: Re: Tesla Technology - Purple Plates
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 11:10 pm

Yeah... the purple plates... I've got one in my fridge. I hadn't known there was any Tesla connection though... I woke up with a headache, and now I've decided to go take a hot bath WITH my purple plate in the water!! I've never done that before!

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 2:00 am

OK you guys... This is weird, weird, weird. WEIRD. I went in and took my purple plate bath. My headache went away (but I'd also taken ibuprofen), and I was relaxing & enjoying myself. I was reading an interesting book. I always take my baths around the same hot temperature, and my baths last around 20 minutes, because that's how long the water stays warm enough to be enjoyable for me.

After a while, when it felt like it was close to being time to get out (meaning I thought about 20 - 25 minutes had passed), my cat Rexie came up and lay on the bathmat next to the tub. I was reading my book, not paying him attention, other than noticing he was there. Then he was chirping, and rolling around, so I reached out and pet him, and asked him what he was so happy about. That is when I saw what appeared to be a dead mouse lying in front of him.

As I looked more closely, I saw the mousie was still breathing erratically... I quickly whipped the purple plate from the tub, and put it on top of the toilet. Then I carefully picked the mousie up and put it on the plate. It just lay there.

Then I looked at the watch I'd put near the tub, and I was ASTOUNDED to see that 70 - 75 minutes had passed since I'd gotten into the tub!! I'd LOST TIME. I don't know what the heck really happened, but for sure there was some time glitch. At first I thought my watch was just malfunctioning. I got out of the tub and dried off, and took the purple plate and prostrate mousie into the kitchen. I checked my main clock, and it agreed with my watch. I had definitely lost a chunk of time as I sat in the tub with the purple plate!! Was time just altered so I could be there to rescue the mousie? I have no idea.

I was almost late for work, so I decided to just pack the mousie up, and bring it with me, so I could observe how it was doing. When I went to pick it up, to put in a little box, I saw it's eyes were open, and it had shat out a few mousie turds. Now I'm here at work, and the mousie, in the little box, is on top of the purple plate. Just as I've been writing this, I am hearing him moving around, trying, I guess, to escape from his box. This is good. He's feeling better. A little later I will take him outside and let him go. He'll have a better chance here, away from my nine cats! So... that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 2:12 am

Oh, cute... I thought I should try to give the mousie something to eat, to help strengthen him a bit before I let him go free outside later on... So, I brought him a little broken off piece of an oatmeal cookie. I opened up his box, and he was sitting up, looking at me. I put the cookie bit in there with him, and he right away picked it up and held it, and began nibbling at it! I'm guessing it was his first ever oatmeal cookie.

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 2:42 am

OH DAMN. I just checked on the mousie, because he was being so quiet, and as soon as I opened the box he JUMPED RIGHT OUT! Now he's hiding out behing tall file cabinets, and there's no way I can get to him. Damn.

We've had mouse infestations here at work before, and people are not going to be amused that I have let a mouse loose in the office! I'm going to open up the outside door, and put more oatmeal cookie pieces outside... maybe the smell will lure him out there. Jeesh. If that doesn't work, I'll go buy a no-kill trap, and try and trap the little bugger. I think the Purple Plate restored him a little TOO well. He was like Super Mouse when he jumped out of that box! He seems totally fine now, judging on the speed he ran off at...

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 3:04 am

My gosh, what a strange night this has been. Let me tell you the end of the story... cause I know you all want to know. Right? Right.

Well then... I'm sitting in the office, with furniture all pulled out of place... but the mousie is gone. I knew he was behind the two tall file cabinets. There was just enough space to see him back there with a flashlight. I thought maybe I could get him to run out the door, if I could get him out from behind there.

I went and got a broom and a pool stick to try to shoo him out with. There is a little table lamp with a very bright bulb on top of one of the file cabinets he was behind. I thought I'd turn it on, to give myself better light to see him by. I didn't want to hurt him. So, I turned on the light, and it flared on for a moment, and then it, AND all the overhead lights, died - three different light bulbs (one of them one of those long life ones that's supposed to last for years and had only been put in a month or so ago...) BLEW at once!!

At first I thought there had been a power outage, but this computer screen was still glowing brightly. So, I turned on some other lights, and got the flashlight and the pool stick. I put the pool stick down behind him, and sure enough he ran forward a little. I moved the stick further forward and he ran right out. He froze right by the side of my foot. I told him to keep going, and he darted right out the door, into the night, and into freedom. Zooooooooom! And thus ends our story for tonight: The Purple Plate, The Missing Time, The Mousie, And The Blown Out Lights.

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 12:41 pm

Now I'm home again, and just wanted to let you know that about 3 hours after the Mousie made his (or her) sprint out the office door at work, I went and checked on the oatmeal cookie pieces I'd put right outside the door. They were all GONE.

bvvvvvv cvcv .... <-- Typed by Gracie, the cat formerly known as Panda, as she walked across the keyboard... I'm not sure just what Gracie was trying to communicate to us with those somewhat cryptic comments. Perhaps it was a garbled transmission from our pal Tesla, explaining why and where my missing time went, and what I'd have to do to get it back again. Or, maybe I'm thinking too much. Maybe the cat just walked across the keyboard and it has no cosmic significance..... ...Naahhhhh.


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That's a lot of nuttiness for one night! I'm glad the mouse made it out ok :)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I just looked at the page with the purple plates.. I simply have to order one!

Jaya said...

Yes indeed, Gerri, it WAS a LOT of nuttiness for one night. And I didn't even mention the strange fungal pizza crust thing I found growing in one of the light
fixtures that morning... weirdness all around!!