Monday, July 23, 2007

Good Thoughts For Gamma

Gamma, with Boo in the background, two summers ago

One of my cats is having a health crisis, and I'm asking all readers to send her good juju for a speedy recovery. Gamma, the big old matriarch of my cat family, suddenly got a huge abbsess on her cheek- I took her to the vet on Monday, and they lanced it. So there is bloody gunk draining from the side of her face. It turns out she's got one or two infected teeth. She goes in tomorrow to have the bad teeth extracted.

Gamma is an older cat, so being put under anesthesia is more risky. She's a tough kitty with a pretty powerful life force, so I think she'll come through it well, but still this is all traumatic for her. I've had Gamma for about 15 years now. I don't know how old she actually is, as she was already a grown cat when I found her wandering through the cars of a local supermarket one night. I took her home, to keep her from getting run over, and she began her reign. Her original name was Blessing, because she was so kind to several younger cats I took in after her, playing Mama to them when they were missing their own Mamas. Over the years her name evolved into Gamma, or just Gams. She's a fine old kitty.

She is home again, and doing fantastic. She had FOUR teeth pulled. She seems really happy- she must have had some whopper toothaches going on, so I bet it DOES feel better now. When she first got home, she was walking all over the place, meowing away. She wants food too, which she is not allowed to have yet. Now she has settled down on a new rug in the kitchen, which I bought while she was away at the vet's.

I've decided that the next time I need dental work done, I'm just going to dress up in a big cat outfit, and let the veterinarian take care of it. The prices are much better than my dentist, plus they totally knock you out for it!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to Gamma!


mrsnesbitt said...

Sending hugs to Gamma from here in UK.
I too have a puss by the name of Ella! Love em all!


Daisy said...

Gamma, you are very beautiful. I hope your surgery goes well, and you feel better soon. I hate teeths. They cause nothing but trouble for many cats.

I am purring for you. said...

Feel better soon, Gams.


Jaya said...

Thanks Mrs. Nesbitt, Daisy, Adria!

Gams is at the vet now. I'll be picking her up in about 4 hours. I've paid extra to get her the painkiller that lasts 24 hours, so that should help keep her more comfortable tonight. Your loving thoughts will also help her.

Snoskred said...

I'm hoping Gamma is feeling better now.. ;)


B. N. Sullivan said...

Best wishes to Gamma for a speedy recovery.

Having a sick kitty is so sad. You just wish you could do more to reassure them -- and make their pain go away.

Jaya said...

Thanks Snoskred,
Thanks, B.N.

I'm posting an update
on Gamma at the end of
the post. She's doing
great! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to read your update that Gams bounced back. They are amazing, aren't they? Time for her to chow down after what she's been through.

The Cat Realm said...

That is wonderful news! We are so happy Gamma feels better!!!!
Here is a note to Artus:
Sorry you didn't win the monkey...
I didn't either! But I had thought of sending every competitor a little monkeymagnet in case I win, which it would have meant they didn't get the monkeys. And as you still didn't get the monkeys I will still send you the monkeymagnet if you email me your snail mail!
thecatrealm at

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer gamma ...
i'm glad yer feelin better. i wuz purrin fer u.
i wanna thank u artus ... fer enterin mi squillion contest! i reelee luved yer entree ... an lottsa judjez agreed.
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Mosaic Cats said...

Such great news!
GO Gamma!
Willie had a long overdue dental May 1 and I swear he, too, came home a different cat. Seems much younger, more active, healthier...even his coat looks better. I know how important dental work is for these guys, especially the old ones, but you know how when money is tight and you have more than one fur kid, the emergencies get the cash and the routine waits. At least for me. Sadly, the routine can become an emergency, but what to do?
Anyway, such great news re. Gamma Kitty.

Jaya said...

Ahhh, Mosaic Cats, Glad to hear Willie benefited so from his dental experience! Yes, I do understand about the financial end of it all. I've set my cats on a mission to predict the winning lottery numbers, so we won't have to bother with those sorts of limitations anymore. Thus far the results are only so so... but they're only just getting the hang of it all. I'm sure they'll be getting better at it eventually.

Jaya said...

Why Anastasia! That is such a GENEROUS monkey magnet offer!! I am touched. I'll send over my snail mail address to you! Thanks & Purrs!

Jaya said...

Thanks Jeter - Your contest rocked. It was TONS of fun entering and looking at all the other great entries.

Jaya said...

Thanks, Zoey & Me... Gamma appreciates your well wishes for her. Yes, she is indeed chowing down now! Soft food only for now, which she loves. She's a happy kitty. :-)