Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mom Raps About Foreclosure

I've been trying to find a house to buy for quite a while, and the foreclosure crisis has been of great interest to me.  I just saw this video, which I think does a great job of explaining the situation so many US homeowners have found themselves in recently...    Perhaps I'm lucky I didn't find a house to buy!


rapping mom said...

It's gonna get wild out there. People who bought REO can potentially have previous owner sue bank for wrongful foreclosure, proving the assignment was NOT recorded and MERS has no standing and the bank/servicer/trustee of the pool, beneficary are NOT party to the mortgage nor did the servicer have standing to collect payments! Makes me glad I am poor, nothing to lose,they got my property 3.5 years ago. Thank God for my cats
Mom Raps Foreclosure tears