Friday, March 6, 2009

Misbehaving Toes

My toes don't seem to be where they used to be. as if toe #3 and toe #4 are slowly but surely moving away from the rest of the foot. And the toes just don't seem to cooperating with each other as well as they did when I was younger either. Also, the Big Toe, #5, who should be a good example to the other, smaller toes, just seems oblivious to what's going on...

Actually, I think my feet have just gotten wider than they used to be, due to weight, years, and mostly either going barefoot or wearing Birkenstock sandals. So some of my toes have spread out. And the little toe, well, I smashed that one into something a few years ago. It was very painful for a long time. I'm guessing I broke it back then. But, all the same, I am grateful to my feet for all the years of support they have given me.

Anyway, I hope your toes are behaving themselves better than mine are!


Anonymous said...

My toes are very close and crunch up together. Maybe my narrow foot is the reason? Who knows. I think of my big to as No. 1. Just noticed you number yours the other way.