Wednesday, June 18, 2008

50 Years Ago Today

Here is a photo of me taken a few minutes ago (the cats put that scarf on my head- they like it, because it makes them laugh, so I left it on for the photo.)

And here is what I looked like 50 years ago, as shown in my first passport photo.

That passport was obtained when I was two years old, before my family moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where we lived for a little over a year. It was exactly 50 years ago today, June 18th, 1958, that we sailed away from the United States, on the SS Saturnia, seen below.

I had my third birthday on the ship, and, according to a note written by my mother in my baby book, I was taken swimming in Palermo, Sicily.


Anonymous said...

Palermo! I just saw a show about food in Palermo yesterday! And what's up with not being able to travel in Hungary? That changed your life course, most certainly. Little Jaya...her smile looks a bit tentative. She's got a clue...

Love, Csillag

Anonymous said...

Well, happy Anniversary! Neat story.

Anonymous said...

WOW Jaya, you saved a lot of stuff. I have nothing from my childhood being raised in Germany for five years. I know we left from London in a similar ship as you show here and docked in NY. But we have no records, no pictures, nothing as all was lost in a Hurricane back in 1960. Boy did this post bring back memories. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You was sooo Cute Jaya 50 years ago.
and you don't look like 50+, do you?