Monday, May 26, 2008

Ifni Aspect

Below is my latest painting. It's in honor of an affinity I've felt for the name of a little coastal town in Morocco, ever since I first saw it on my father's world globe. I would return to it over and over, and got pleasure just saying the name: Ifni. The town is Sidi Ifni, Morocco. Though when I saw it as a young child on the globe, it would still have been a territory of Spain, as it was until 1969. I've always carried that name with me, and remembered it with great fondness.

It came up again recently when my pal MaLu asked: if I were to have triplets, all girls, what would I name them? One name I chose was Ifni. I'd forgotten where exactly where it was, just remembering, from childhood, that it was on the African continent. Last night, for the first time, I looked it up, learned where exactly it is, and a little of it's history. What is my connection to this place? I don't know, perhaps I had a past life incarnation there... Anyway, after reading up on Ifni, this painting was created:


Anonymous said...

Ooooo....the edges feel like hot Morrocan sun! She's beautiful.

I like thinking about how magical globes were back before the net.

Patricia Rockwell said...

This reminds me of the variety of painted suns used as logos on CBS's "Sunday Morning." I realize yours is not a sun, but it has that quality of some of the paintings I have seen on that show.