Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vote For Rexie!

Rexie has made it to the third round in the cute cat contest. But he is up against stiff competition in this round: Daisy, the lizard loving, fashion queen blogger cat! Phew!! Does Rexie have a chance to win, with all the adoring fans that Daisy has??? Maybe, with YOUR help. Click on the photo above, showing Rexie and his new lamb friend, to go vote for Rexie. There are three days left to vote in this round. THANKS!!


Anonymous said...

Rexie is the cutest, no question. Daisy may be a celebrity, but we're talking Cutest cat.

I am glad Rexie's fans don't talk cat babytalk either. Ewwww...

Jaya said...

Well, actually I must admit that I also am a big fan of Daisy! But, with Rexie being my main squeeze, I'm an even bigger fan of him! (Plus, if I don't get out the vote for Rexie, he'll walk back and forth across my head all night and I won't get any sleep...)

I have a hard time with the contest asking voters to choose which cat is the 'cutest', as I think they are ALL pretty darn adorable.