Friday, August 1, 2008

In The Basement Pipe

First of all, I want you all to know that I took a great personal risk (going way outside my comfort zone) to get the photos for this story. So please take a moment and say: "Yay Jaya! Brave Jaya! Thanks, Jaya!"

Alright then, here's the story... At the place I work, there is a basement, a dark, dank, SCARY basement. I try to avoid it as much as possible. Bob The Giant Mutant Squirrel lives down in the basement. He is bad news. I've heard that his intention is to chew through the ceiling of the basement and attack the people living in the bedroom above. I've never actually seen Bob The Giant Mutant Squirrel, but I've heard him throwing stuff around down there in the middle of the night.

Yesterday, a guy was at work treating some mold in the basement. He wanted me to go down there with him (ewwwww!). But I did. While we were down there, he pointed out these odd pipes going off under other areas of the house. I'd never noticed them before, because the few other times I've been down in the basement I've been focused on getting back OUT, and have never spent time really looking around down there. The Mold Guy directed my attention to one of these pipes, this one shown below:

I don't know why there is a picture frame hanging on it. Why not, though, I suppose, eh? The Mold Guy took out a flash light and pointed it down the pipe. At first, all I saw was something like this:

Then, I looked a little closer, with the Mold Guy's encouragement, and I could see further down, around the corner a little bit. SOMETHING was down there! Eeeek!! What was it???

Was it Bob The Giant Mutant Squirrel? Nope, not him, but I'm guessing he's pretty darn familiar with these pipes...

No, it was something else, something quite unexpected, and oddly creepy. It was very hard to get a photograph of it, but I did finally get one good enough to show you what is down there, past the curve in the pipe in the basement. Have a look:

Yep. A doll's head. No body, just the head, staring down the pipe, out towards the scary basement. How did it get there? And how long has it been there? As far as I know, there haven't been any children younger than sixteen living in this building for decades. And this doll head is at least ten or twelve feet down this pipe, probably underneath what is now the kitchen pantry.

Do you find this weird? I sure do, but at the same time, I also find it perversely fascinating. What child, long since grown up, played with this doll? And what happened to her body? Was it eaten by Bob The Giant Mutant Squirrel??


Anonymous said...

I work with Jaya and can attest to the "ewwwness" of the basement. We are pretty into positive energy and such around here. Is the doll head creating something negative and creepy or protecting us?


Anonymous said...

She/it seems kind of cute as far as SEVERED, BODYLESS HEADS go. Jeez, we freaked out laughing maniacal laughter as we scrolled down and saw her. Not a good thing.

I'd get a long pole with a wad of electrical tape (who thunk that up? hmmm....) and get her out. Perhaps another "service" as with the dead crow?

How about a contest to name her and the winner makes a donation to DT?

Now I'm thinking about what might be inside her head. Squirrel shit would be my least creeped out guess.

Or, ewwww, maybe Bob the Mutant has a squirrel head and HER BODY!

CapricornWoman said...

That is indeed a weirdly creepy thing to find down there.. hmmmmm..

Kind of like the start of a horror movie - just imagine what lies further on!

Lux said...

This is Luxor's mombean:

Very very brave of you and what a strange but wonderful thing to find! I took a bunch of strange doll photos once - dolls are fascinating!

Anonymous said...

That was one of the best told stories EVER!!! I love it! still giggling. weirdness...what is such a large pipe doing ...opening out into the basement? I hate to tell you, but you've got bigger problems than a mutant bob. I suspect a whole colony of underground trolls.

DineometerDeb said...

That is strangely fascinating. By the hair, it looks like maybe a doll from the 50's?

Anonymous said...

i like the doll head. it's creepy cool. i especially like the photo. it's like a time machine, and in many years, when we are all long gone, some other inhabitants will stumble across the doll, and make up lots of great stories about our "civilization". I vote she/he/it stays put. kim

Karen and Gerard said...

That is creepy, finding a severed doll head. Perhaps some kids did play in there.

Jenera said...

Uhm, I would have flipped out completely. Though I have probably watched one too many scary movies and read too many books by Stephen King. Though it makes for a GREAT photo.

Came across your blog through EC :o)

Anonymous said...

Found it a little weird but quite a unique and a brave effort.

Cheers !!


Anonymous said...

great job with the photography, especially under such creepy circumstances. Malu's comments cracked me up.

Babs (Beetle) said...

I'm interested. How did you get your camera down that pipe to take photos?
You could have been sucked up the pipe, into who knows what?

It does look like a 50's dolls head, but I'd be more concerned about where that pipe leads to ;O)

Jaya said...

Well, Babs, I didn't actually get my camera down the pipe, as indeed I, or my camera, might have been sucked up the pipe. I just stood in the basement, and illuminated the dolls head with a flashlight and then took the photo. It was a little tricky, juggling the flashlight and the camera, but I managed. I was also mostly holding my breath, because I don't like breathing the basement air. It's creepy air that's been already breathed in and out by Bob the Giant Mutant Squirrel and the Doll's Head...