Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Daughter, Kitten...

According to Dole Baby Maker, this is the lovely child that would result if I was the mother and my cat Rexie was the father. If you CLICK HERE you can watch the charming video about her. Somehow I'm guessing this may not be what Dole had in mind when they set up their 'baby maker' site! Either way, it's fun to play around with.


Elleke Rocks said...

wahaha woehoeeee
alien cat!

cat on my head: your blog rocks bigtime!!!

I go like: wahaha often when I click at the cat on your head***!!


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest video I have seen in a while! Love it!

Anonymous said...

That's one adorable chitten? Kild?

You and Rexie make a good couple and I am very glad that Dole, the company that has destroyed much of the sea turtle's habitat around Hawaii and has a crappy visitors' center, is now in the business of interspecies offspring.

I hope your lovely sweet-faced mom genes have given Kitten the necessary enzymes to digest those Fruit Cups! Dole Meat Cups don't have quite the same appeal.

I'm yakkin'....congratulations to you and Rexie!!!

(Hey, wait a minute, isn't Rexie neutered?)

Anonymous said...

Hi! My cat - Mia is celebrating her 2 years old birthday, i hope you can drop her comment/wishes here... thanks >

Anonymous said...

Dear ,

Thanks for the birthday wish message for my cat Mia :)

Have a great weekend!