Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Cracked Life

There's a crack in my head,
in my mind, in my life,
a crack letting in the out
and out the in...
It's a crack of light,
a crack of mystery,
a crack of fear being chased
by a shy little crack of hope.

There's a whispering,
muffled, near, then far,
giving answers to questions
that haven't been asked.

There's wind through the chimes
making music in the night,
right outside my door...

Stepping back in wonder,
I'm asking the darkness:
How does she do it,
this miracle of life?

Take a breath,
and another,
and one more again,
and there you have it,
this cracked imperfection,
this beauty, this life.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the whispers are echoes of questions your haven't yet asked...

Digital Polaroids said...

hahahahahahhahaa! So hilarious!